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  1. That is right , once entered as green card holder then no elections or choices. And you need to report FBAR if more than 10 k US dollars . And generally MFJ is beneficial since you have lower tax rates . From this year I guess there are no personal exemptions in the return only standard deduction applies .
  2. You will not find a specific form for this . It is a custom made statement which needs to be attached to the return stating that the election is taken.
  3. H is a one time election. You should go for G election since spouse was not in US as on 31 st Dec 2016
  4. Well this situation doesn't change the residential status of your spouse in 2016. So I believe 6013 election is required to file MFJ and 6013 G election will be good in your case .Since spouse was in foreign country by the end of 2016 . Please check with any tax accountants also to confirm . 😀
  5. 2017 is fine to file without elections , I guess your spouse came as a green card holder , please correct me if I'm wrong. Elections are for 2016 return if you are planning to amend it . Election is taken to make your spouse who is in foreign country resident in US so that you can file taxes together 😀
  6. I guess FBAR should be filed with tax return now. So same due date as the return
  7. Well in 2016 spouse was in Foreign country so no presence in US at all . So no FBAR I guess . Now in 2017 only 45 days means again no FBAR requirement. Rule of DPT is slightly complicated because there is something called look back rule which we need to consider last three years also . Well I cannot make it that simple here . But I can tell you she doesn't meet SPT in 2016.
  8. And you need to file election also with the tax papers . Since the spouse was in foreign country you need special election to do MFJ return . So that also needs to be attached to the return and signed by both of you . Election 6013 G or 6013 H election should be taken in your case .
  9. And FBAR requirement will not come into picture here as she does not meet the SPT( substantial presence test ) . she was not in US for the required number of days
  10. Well 2016 also MFJ can be done since the marriage is already done that year. If the spouse in foreign country is not earning much and if that country is not a high tax country choosing foreign tax credit will not be a good idea . It is better to go for income exemption.
  11. Oo thank you for the reply. We have decided to to go together. And the little lady is also an American passport holder. So hope they will let her in too . 😃😃 Will surely post the experience .. thank you
  12. Hi all.. my green card interview is in July . Just wanted to know your thoughts on taking my wife to the embassey (US petetioner with US passport), she will be in Mumbai with me. We have a 11 months baby also so it is possible for them to come along with me and stay in the embassey till my interview gets over ? Thank you for all the replies in advance.
  13. If spouse gets exemption we require it ....
  14. I am a tax accountant too ...😄 So IT IN takes couple of months. But you need to send your original.passport to IRS or we need to get passport copy attested from US embassy in that country
  15. We still can do joint return even if the spouse is not in US or even if spouse is not an American citizen. But it requires ITIN or SSN. This is an election called 6013 G of IRS.