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  1. Thank you for the info! One last question. At the citizen part what did you put Permanent Alien Resident or Temporary Alien Resident?
  2. Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate all your replies. I guess we’ll open an account at Chase as most of you recommended it. We’re your account was opened as joint?or the petitioner has to open it first and just add the beneficiary after? Which is easier? I’m planning to just open for my wife cause I already have an account but hesitant cause she doesn’t have the green card yet and it might be difficult for her. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Geez! We also uploaded unnecessary documents and the last one they required from my wife was not received by them. We did it multiple times already still haven’t heard from them. So I just gave up and decided to open an account for her
  4. Hi guys! Hope all is well despite the pandemic that is happening. It seems that USAA is taking a long time to add my wife to my account. I’ve been patiently waiting for almost 3 months now. We’ve been sending the required documents but still no answer from them. Was wondering what banks do you guys open with your spouse? That is sure will add my wife to it. A savings account maybe with minimum maintaining balance and affordable fees. Thanks in advance.
  5. How long will it take for the “Case is ready to be scheduled for interview” to “case interview date scheduled”?
  6. I suggest you try to download the app and add your case numbers. It will notify you of any status change on your case. I had mine and it notifies me for any updates.
  7. Thanks! Yeah I guess it depends on the state. I’ll have to find out at the DMV soon. that’s odd and unacceptable!haha. W2s for 2019 aren’t given until late of January 2020. Maybe because their case are being processed this month (February) that made them require for the 2019 IRS. Also it depends on the person handling the case I guess. We’ll have to prepare that soon. I bet one of us might need the 2019 IRS. Just in case. Hopefully not. 😂
  8. Wow it took a long time for them to get you that. Well I just have to wait and hope it shows up in the mail like yours. Thanks for the info!! Guys whoever has gone thru this a little info may help. Im planning to get my wife a driver’s license. Can she get it now? Or will it be better to wait for the AOS to be approved then get one? If so, what are the requirements? TIA
  9. Hi when did you file? Cause I also haven’t received the NOA1 for EAD but have the case number. I guess it was lost in the mail. I only receive 2 NOA1 for AOS and AP. I called them they said to wait for 30 days ☹️.
  10. Yes you have to wait until the said date (30days) . If you’ll call they will just say to call again after 30days(which is stated on the Case status site). are you waiting for the NOA? do you have your case numbers already?
  11. Sorry I was using my mobile and it didn't show any of your timeline. Thanks! Keeping the hopes high. Seeing your timeline! Mashallah yours was fast moving! Keep us posted
  12. Oh I see. It was odd not to receive all three when everybody here I saw received it all. Guess I have to wait after one month to call them as what the site states. It’s okay 😊. Just worried where my wife’s NOA for EAD went. To those who have gone thru their biometrics appointment can you please provide the timeline? I know I saw somewhere on the thread but it was gone maybe because of the merged thread. Thank you for responding!
  13. I only have NOA for I-485(AOS) and I-131(AP) but have 3 case numbers. So that means I will not receive the notice for I-765 (EAD) because it will be combo? NOA for AP will also be NOA for EAD? The USCIS should have adviced the applicant that or wrote it on the NOA that it is a combo so we wouldn’t be worried about it the missing NOA. Oh well. Thanks for the info!
  14. Haha. It is just odd that almost all of the people who filed here received the 3 hard copies and I only received 2. Well I just have to wait then for 30days and call them. Hope to get those hard copy.
  15. January 2020 filers thread got messed up. Anyway! We received the NOA for AOS and AP but no NOA for EAD. I received a text message stating the 3 case number for AOS, EADand AP. Is it possible that it got lost? Isn’t it suppose to be sent all together? Should I wait for 30days to contact them? What extension number should I call when calling their helpline? We are worried about it. It still shows “Case was received.” as status.
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