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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused regarding my FBAR requirements for 2019. Here's my situation: - Married to USC - Green card holder (IR1 stamped in February 2020) - Lived abroad with my wife for the last couple of years before our move to the US in February 2020 My question is related to filing the FBAR for 2019. As I wasn't a permanent resident yet in 2019 (entered the US in February 2020 and IR1 stamped then), am I right to assume that I shouldn't file the FBAR for that year? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Thanks a lot! All income for 2019 is subject to the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion in our case so not too worried about tax optimization.
  3. Thanks a lot for the swift reply! If I go with option 2, what should I write under "Spouse Social Security Number" on the tax return ? In the past, we wrote "NRA" as I was a non resident alien. Should I do the same as I was a NRA in 2019 as well even though I do have a SSN now?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused regarding filing taxes for 2019. Here's my situation: - Married to USC - Green card holder (IR1 stamped in February 2020) - Lived abroad with my wife for the last couple of years and she filed her taxes as married filing separately My question is related to filing for 2019. As I wasn't a permanent resident yet in 2019, am I right to assume that I shouldn't file? Can my wife file as "married filing jointly"? Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, I recently obtained my IR-1 visa (visa in my passport already) and planning to enter the US in February. Will I be asked for a health insurance at POE? Additionally, any recommendations for a temporary new immigrant insurance? Thanks in advance for your replies 😀
  6. Hi everyone, I received my IR-1 visa recently (already got my passport back with the visa) and planning to move in January or February of 2020 before its expiration. Do I have to do anything at this point? Will the immigration officer at the point of entry ask me for proof of insurance?
  7. Hi there,


    How did your interview go, please do let me know as my is upcoming soon. Did it get approved?

    What kind of questions did they ask?

    if you take someone with u is there a place where they can sit and wait in Abudhabi embassy?

    How much time it took in total? The reporting time for me says 8am. Was it same for u and when did u get free?




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    2. Ramar1


      Thank you for a positive vibe!! Best of luck on your new journey! 

      Do you pay anything for the visa? If so how much. Thanks

    3. Girl-S


      yes, my interview went well too. The earlier u reach at embassy the earlier ur turn will come for interview as they queue you accordingly. Carry only the documents required and dont take anything that needs to be kept outside as they will not allow extra things apart from documents. 

      basic questions about myself and my sponsors. They asked me about my education from where i did and what was my thesis in my masters...

      questions about my husband his job and i have add on other sponsor so asked me about his position n all too

      best of luck

    4. Girl-S


      @UserC - I am in US now. I would like to know did u move to US? If yes, did they take the medical report from u at immigration? Bec they did not take from me and I dont know what to do with it now. So its still with me..

      let me know if ur aware..thx

  8. Hi! yes sure, thing. I will definitely share my experience. And thank you)) Fingers crossed for all of us! Yes, I had to register my appointment. In my case, I had to wait a few hours and in your case, the weekend is most probably affecting your registration. Try again Saturday or Sunday I guess. Best of luck!!
  9. Hi everyone, For those who've interviews in Abu Dhabi, can you please let me know the following (I have my IR-1 interview coming up very soon): - How long in advance did you arrive? - Is the waiting area outside shaded? It's particularly hot right now in the UE - Did you have to bring your X-ray envelope? I know it says no on the instructions but just want to double check - How long did the whole process take you? - How was the general atmosphere? Thanks a lot!
  10. Sorry to hear this...In the official requirements, is it written that they require a copy only? Can you also please share your overall experience for your interview. Thanks a lot in advance. Did you manage to solve this and get approved?
  11. Sorry to hear that! I think pictures from your wedding with guests and family will really help as well as planes/hotels reservations together. Good luck and hope the process will end soon and successfully for you.
  12. Can you tell us more about your case? Is your spouse also living in the UAE with you or is in the US? For how long have you been married? Any joint bank accounts or property?
  13. Thanks a lot Yes, sure: the interview date is August 25th so that's a pretty good surprise. Hope you get yours in the next few days as well!!
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