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  1. If you check facebook, there’s a lot of whatsapp groups that was ‘country specific’ as this is solely based on the interview location. We are all expats in UAE and it’s easier to communicate in whatsapp regarding our embassy details. Don’t worry everyone are updating their timeline and also they’re experiences and sharing it on VJ and facebook groups.
  2. I also just got DQ’ed yesterday, waiting for interview date. Join our UAE whatsapp group, 3 of the members got their interviews scheduled on June 29 (Two were expedited and one normal processing that was cancelled on March). Goodluck to us
  3. NVC is experiencing technical issues and they’re working on it. We just got DQ’ed this week. Just check your submission date and make sure they’ll review it as per NVC timeline, if it’s pass the date call and check with them. Goodluck :)
  4. Of course! Everyone can join so we can learn from each other and it’ll be easier for us since we are all on the same interview location (country). PM me your number
  5. Hi, Please share your mobile number, i'll add you. Your name and visa category as well. Thanks
  6. Because it's a specific country, it's easier for us to communicate there. We are also sharing our timeline here. Please share your mobile number, i'll add you. Your name and visa category as well. Thanks
  7. They told us they can't review our case yet because they're still reviewing Feb 14, we informed them there's a lot of May & June cases that were DQ'ed and they said they are not aware of that. Really frustrating.
  8. Why did you wait for 3 years? MY PD is June 2019. We go approved in USCIS only for 6 months but we are stuck in NVC.
  9. Can you please let me know once you get DQ'ed, i'm planning to resubmit and do the same.
  10. Still waiting.. Feb 25/29 submission I think they're not checking anymore. When we called NVC, they said they are doing doing training so the May/June DQ'ed are pulled by them. I'm thinking maybe i should resubmit so it can be on top or probably risky (we will be at the ned of the line).
  11. Hi, me.. we have a group chat. Join us Message me your number.
  12. Yes, second submission on Feb 29. CR1. Still waiting ☹️
  13. I’m so happy for everyone who submitted their documents and got DQ’ed in hours/weeks or just a month. I’m really confused why we’re stuck and if am I the only case here that submitted on February (2nd submission and waiting for 6 months for them to review 1 document!) and still not reviewed yet? We called NVC multiple times.. ask our state senator for help (followed up on email but they sent a standard reply), we also sent email in AskNVC and informed them with our situation but still none and they keep on giving standard reply that they’re working on Feb 14 which is unfair as we’re seeing a lot of May cases who got DQ. I’m really frustrated and losing hope with our case. They only reviewed 2 days in May (Feb 13 & 14). Does it mean they can only review our case on December? Sorry I just want to take it off my chest.
  14. We also submitted on Feb 28 and nothing. We received an email from them last week that they opened our case but they can’t review it because we didn’t submit everything whereas they accepted all documents on December and they’re only asking for W2 which we submitted on Feb so we got confused. We called them and they said ignore the email and message as it is a system error. And everytime we asked about our case, they always say they’re still reviewing Feb 14 and no access to cases submitted on later dates.
  15. I agree, they’re so confusing. I saw a lot of DQ’s for March and May. We submitted on Feb 28th and still nothing 🤷🏽‍♀️ When my husband called NVC, they said that they’re still reviewing cases submitted on Feb 14th. Like c’mon seriously 🤦🏽‍♀️
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