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  1. Wonderful !!! Your immigration saga comes to and end now! I think you have the record for the fastest passport issuance Lol!
  2. I did. its easy.. just tell them that you would like to make a name change.
  3. Wow! Didn’t know after i read their website that they have made so much progress. Its like they are almost back to usual processing times Also did you apply through Passport Agency or USPS outlet?
  4. Anyone but trump. Even if it’s a Goya can for president, I’ll vote for it lol This for passport application?
  5. Had my oath ceremony yesterday. This Uscis saga comes to an end. Next up passport application. Sigh
  6. They don’t ask definitions most of the time. Just questions from the 100 questions list
  7. Am just concerned whether it will get rescheduled because there’s no funding for them after Aug 31 & 1/3 off staff are going to be furloughed..
  8. So the USCIS widget says " We scheduled your naturalization ceremony". Waiting for the documents tab to be updated to see the date and time of oath ceremony... I see the finish line.. kind of.. phew! that was pretty super fast!
  9. I thought you need the letter and answer the YES or NO questions on page 2 before they allow you to take the oath..
  10. Uscis can tweak it. They used to do same day oath ceremony right after the interview. They are doing it in some states. This pandemic situation can be used to reinstate same day oath ceremony instead of going back into the bureaucratic maze.
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