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  1. Yep, I saw that too. Anything is possible, cross fingers and hopefully that update is something
  2. Try to do a "chat with Emma and ask to talk to a representative. That should connect you to an officer
  3. That was I'm thinking, after a week of checking if there's a possibility that GC might change to production. Still hoping before the 120 days though , half way there already
  4. Mine din the same thing. My profile says it was submitted on March 17 and accepted/in process on March 20 then about a month changed to April 20.POE is Seattle if that matters
  5. Well we end up going to Seattle, officer was good but still didn't listen and won't look at the marriage certificate and insist on stamping CR1. I wasn't even taken to secondary inspection so just hoping that somehow card will show the IR. If not we will send in back with I90
  6. Congratulations that was quick. I came across to your profile since our family originally booked a flight that EWR is the POE and I had the same case asking to convert CR to IR since entry is pass 2 years after marriage.
  7. I think you should try calling USEM and inquire the status of your case.
  8. USEM will send you an email for your interview. It is case to case basis, maybe you'll receive one soon since you were approved to be expedited. You can move your interview schedule earlier if it's given later and medical can only be done once there is a confirmed interview schedule. I did my medical 3 days before my interview and it was directly forwarded to USEM, but as I said it is always case to case basis
  9. It took 2 weeks after being DQ for our case to receive an email with my interview schedule. Interview was scheduled 2 weeks from that day email was received, but since your expedited you might get it sooner, maybe. Interview case always be rescheduled earlier than originally date. Either through email, phone call on your online account
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, from a user that I spoke before who had an expedited case .Once it's approved ,it will be sent to USEM and they will be the one asking for more documents if there's a need for it on the actual interview day. I dont think you would show as dq as USEM will contact you for an interview schedule since you were approved to be expedited already.
  11. I see, have you considered the option of requesting to expedite your case? I saw few people who requested and got approved.
  12. F2A po ung other member set for December 10. Hang in there, baka kasabay din po kayo
  13. Congratulations to all of us. The long wait is almost over 🙌
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