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  1. It would move frm submit to accepted and then the wait begins, have u been sent a documentarily quallified email, If yes, then that's case complete and waiting for an interview to be scheduled, if not den ur still waiting for your documents to be reviewed and accepted... I really don't know if am reading this messages rightly, because it seems your documents stiil says submitted at the NVC site, if yes den dats you answer... P.s waiting too for an interview date to be scheduled...
  2. Thank you, I tried to join but its taking me to play store, updated my whatsapp but it's still taking me to playstore
  3. Waoh since april.. I tot the Lagos embassy was a bit faster, seems they have slowed down ....
  4. Hey guys I got my doc qualified mail today... Pls whose waiting for interview s scheduling at the Lagos consulate...
  5. Am as shocked as u, since I didnt get it by Friday, I waz hoping by next week I would get it and boom, it came today...
  6. Thank you Submitted 27th May First reply was 5th june Resubmitted 7th june. Got the doc qualified today 22nd june
  7. Just got my documentarily qualified Email..... So happy....
  8. Has the other steps been unlocked??? If yes u can start by filling out ur ds-260 and get your Aos and civil dicuments ready for submission... I doubt you would get an email telling you to start the process, we didn't get that.... But maybe someone else can confirm it too...
  9. For the purpose if immigration it expires after 1year....but if you aint okay going with that one the u can redo it again.. But it sure last for a year even though they wrote 3months..
  10. You can get it at Alagbon police Station at Ikoyi... I got mine for 6k, the price aint stable....
  11. During the 2/3 weeks it should change to either accepted or rejected and of course dey would send you an email too..
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