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  1. I just filed 2019 tax. From Feb 24 20 new I-485 form. I am using the 7/10/19 version valid til 2/24/20. Obviously no tax transcript is available and it takes 2-4 weeks for it to be ready and to send W2 and 1099 with 1040. Now, if the transcript is ready, we still need W2 and 1099 if filed jointly with spouse. Anyone has any RFE if just sent transcript without W2 and 1099 BUT filed jointly? I filed with K-1 fiancee. married on 12/29/19
  2. I-485, PART 2, Q3. help needed This Q is below Q2 which asked about Applying under 245(i). The answer is NO> So for Q3 Receipt Number of Underlying petition (if any) >>> do we put the K1 NOA2 WAC number or leave it blank as it may be attached to Q2? thanks in advance
  3. You were on a F-1, didnt go to school, OUT OF STATUS for a year I think. You are not in a normal I-485 adjustment situation. May want an attorney if you can afford it.
  4. Please go to a 3rd country and wait 14 days. The ban is for 14 days prior travel in China. There are countries that let Chinese in without visa. Thailand
  5. police report, psychologist report, shelter certificate, restraining order, proof of bonafide relationship, medical report etc. Note that accused need not be proven guilty for VAWA to be used, just alleged as DA sometimes dismiss the case.
  6. From what I read, its about getting to POE. Land based crossings from Canada or mexico may solve the problem if one has a tourist visa to Canada or Mexico. Just thinking out of the box.
  7. Ours is TDAP D MMR B Rv5 A Ipv A Hib A Hep A Hep B A MCV4 A Vancella Vaccine B Influenza blank with date ours is a great high school score card.. As everywhere.. kidding. but no idea what or how it will be... for your reference.
  8. Whats a writ of mandamus? maybe you can teach us something of empty hreats.. it worked
  9. YES CA. It was a felony allegation that got me arrested. Went to 2 arraignments but each time got transferred to a lower court. DA did not press any charges, so it ended up with a administrative hearing and basically the matter was resolved. There was no charges to be dismissed in the first place. So this is defined as a detention. I got detention letter and CA in 2018 allows for such situation to be classified as no arrest and expunged off record. However, immigration sees every arrest, court order or not for sealed or expunged arrests.
  10. >>>Yes, if you submit tax transcripts then you only need to submit the W2 if you filed your taxes married filing jointly. But if you submit the 1040, then you need to submit the W2 and 1099. It's all in the I-864 instructions. I think the instructions say W2 AND 1099 IF tax transcripts and joint filing.. right?
  11. I had this discussion just with my K-1 turned wife... if the same were to have happened, the USC will go to the country representing the K-1 person, use Facetime or whatever to the best of the situation. I know its too late to say this, but future k-1 spouses can consider this option.
  12. Q: 4/15/20 is the deadline, but the processing is after that .. so say in 6/2020 they open the file and see the filing date is say 2/2020, but will they issue RFE? I am in the same situation waiting for 2.2020 to file along with 2019 Tax transcripts.
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