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  1. Quick Question. I understand China Fiancee beneficiary brings the white book notarized single copy. What about the American petitioner? we bring prior divorce decree>>> copy or certified copy - or copy that is notarized? I-134 Original Tax transcripts 3 years prior? original company letter? copy w2 1040 1099? Copy paystubs? copy SS benefits copy bank statement Thanks for your help.
  2. My gf was very honest, she was already in USA with a J1 no 2 yr restriction, and she wanted to study. So she went back to China to get a full F1 (although she could just do AOS from J1 to F1 length of stay no exit visa). But she wants a real F-1 as she wants to do grad school. Guess what... went back to China with 1 luggage to change J-1 to F1 and got rejected 2xs F1. First time I was doing the financial support paperwork - faster as we have all the stuff here in USA, second time her parents gave her the funds. I guess the first time me as a USC triggered INA 214(b) - immigrant intent.. Which in reality wasnt the case. I guess they think she wanted to immigrate but it was really just grad school. Both times rejected was a real bummer.. she went back with expectation of 2 weeks only to convert J1 to F1. She had demonstrated no intent to AOS and had honestly returned to China to get a F1. Imagine all her stuff stuck in USA, and we have to settle her down in China to wait for K1 approval. I visited her every 3 weeks - USA CHINA USA, ... i have a stack of air tickets and high speed train tickets. But now, .... fast forward 6 months, we have NOA2, waiting for NVC and embassy interview so she can come.... but this time as fiancee and later spouse. She had to reapply grad school for 2020 if she wants to , but i doubt... there is a lot of stress. She will just focus on family for now. So this is our story to share with you. In summary, K1 vs non immigrant visa have to prove different stuff and base on different reasons. Independent of each other.
  3. Do you have your job appointment letter or offer of job contract... something you had when you first started? I once just used a company letterhead, got my manager to state my appointment, salary and start date. My manager was supportive and just wrote the facts for me, with a "please call we if you have any questions" last line. Hr or not HR, I think the company letterhead is clear evidence. I am trying to think out of the box for you. Please do not assume this is the 100% perfect way, but we do what we can creatively.
  4. HI Guys, sorry I had to start a new link... Couldnt find the answers. For the embassy interview, my questions about the docs are a) what kinds of documents do we bring? Photos - 2 US size 2x2 for the visa. Are medical 5 photos same size? Prior Marriage - both petition and beneficiary divorce/single decree or just beneficiary's - Copy? Certified? Notarized copy? - USCIS has petitioners already right? I-134 - petitioners tax transcripts, W2, 1040, 1099, SS benefits, bank, employer letter. Beneficiary need bring bank statement? Relationship - all pics, ticket, timeline, communication log of petitioner and beneficiary Are these documents ALL to be copies handed over to the staff, and we carry the ORIGINAL at the interview window? Can the documents be stapled, clipped or labelled clearly the categories? Are placing docs in transparent folder ok? Much appreciated for any help.
  5. NOA2 8/28 I think its useful when posting to always include noa2 dates. ok, on the phone waiting with them after 26 speedials :) has it occurred to anyone uscis to nvc is also done in batches? still holding listening to some 1980 synthesizer music... and that male voice... it gets to u hearing him repeat.
  6. Just based on what you posted, the hints of concerns appear to be a) prior husband and kid b) income (job) c) protection order against you Assuming that you have to support 4 people, yourself, fiancee and 2 kids, I hope they dont just take $52K /4 and compute vs poverty level. The divorce decree and birth cert should have been sent with I-129F or they just want to see the original. Does fiancee have something not favorable? Age gap big? Culture different? Criminal event prior? Not taking the passport means not ready to issue visa I feel/ Wait for the request. It could be just a simple doc missing. Keep us posted.
  7. All calm down. The rules are to proof a bonafide relationship. If you have visited many times, there shd be photos, air tickets etc. What was the initial 221g asking for? Were you ever involved in domestic violence issues? Were there any other criminal incidents that need certified documents? Was any form not properly filled or had error? How many times have you filed K1 or married or sponsored I-134? Income ok? Calm down, see what the Q is then you can address it with more docs. There are certain STOP signs like Walsh act - crime against minor Prior misrepresentation Deportation J1 2 year ban etc.
  8. I received my NOA2 on 9/4. Its 9/17 now, it still has not updated on USCIS site. NVC also has not received the file yet to issue NVC case number.
  9. Roger that.. apply for SSN upon entry with K-1. SSN office is like 100 m from where I live.
  10. I think another statement is easily obtained as well.. Social Security Benefits. Easy to log in, print it out. Tax transcripts too, log in to IRS and print it out. I would rank in order of importance here i-134 IRS transcripts W2, 1099, 1040 SS Benefits statement (shows your yearly income since employment) Pay Stubs Letter of employment Bank statement
  11. Finally a human picked up.. very sweet lady's voice. 8/28 NOA2, 9/17 still not received at NVC. 20 days already. Try again another time.
  12. Amazing... it worked... I am on hold now.. never had that press 1 or press 2 option before.... cant wait to speak to a human. thanks buddy
  13. Thank you. I am truly enlightened. I see the loophole now why the passport baby is a hot topic since its being abused. For Wanni, I wish you all the best. A baby with your hubby applying for a CR1 in Turkey appears to be a very strong petition, unfortunately you will have to wait and spend time apart.
  14. IRS transcripts//// WOW .. i am so glad I found this post!!!! I was going to just bring my 1040s. THANKS VJ!!!
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