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    POE 12/27/19
    Married 12/29/19
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    AOS Biometrics notice 2/28/20
    EAD AP approval 7/17/20
    as of 11/11/20 still waiting for Interview

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  1. I think there is one fine print... we had a DS 3025 completed .. but it had no flu shot on it. So out of abundance of precaution, we went to see a local approved doctor to get the vaccination record on I-693 part 10. Paid like $40 and doctor said.. flu season, need flu shot, another $50. Then doctor gave us a sealed envelope which we brought to interview on 2/8/21. Officer said our medical was good before accepting the sealed envelope, but he said the more the better, easier for him to approve. So... well... I can only conclude, do more better, u dont want a silly medical RFE to delay anything because of a officers error .
  2. You have 2 possible outcomes, a reschedule (likely) or a waiver (small chance).
  3. No such Q... he was in a rush to go home.... it was already 4pm. Just anything to show me? You have the marriage cert and passport? About 20 of the 50 I-485 Qs like are you a terrorist type of question. How you met etc were asked at K-1 visa stage in China
  4. At our interview, they see the certified copy and return it. Other docs they asked whether they can keep it... we said no for grant deed and photos, and they just make copies on the spot. You are set... no problem.... just always order extra marriage certs... you never know when you need it.....
  5. It is crazy and inconsistent. we filed in 2/2020, the DS3025 doesnt have flu shot. Interview was in 2/2021, although we have no RFE, we just went ahead and asked local dr for every shot needed and paid like $90 for a report and flu shot as its flu season. At the interview, no one even cares .. officer just said you haev DS3025 you are fine.... its valid til 5/2021 so it varies...
  6. The interview date was 2/8/21, EAD AP date was 7/15/2020 The experience was, we arrived at 300 N Los Angeles at 230pm for a 245pm appt. Went thru ground floor xray, go to 8th floor, go to the check in window, take temperature and wait to be called. Was called finally at 350pm after a 1 hr sit and do nothing. Nice younger gentleman greeted us at DOOR 2, walked about 20m to his cubicle office. He was nice enough to apologise for the wait due to more difficult cases. Asked for marriage cert, Passports and whether we have anything else for him. Handed 1040, House grant deed, HOA, Bk Statement, photos, Insurance docs and affidavit from colleague. Asked him whether he needs any more medical updates, he said if you have any .. please. Handed over Additional Vaccination record from USCIS doctor in sealed envelope. this is the I-693 part 5-7 and 10 for vaccinations part only. We did this in abundance of caution in case USCIS needed it. He appeared to be in a rush, checking off what we handed him, then quickly asked like 20 Are you terrorist, member of ... traffic human etc... Mostly NO answer type of questions. THEN he said.. that was easy... I cant approve you right now, as I have to do background check and verify the K1 file is consistent with the 485 file. Again rushing.. he said well probably you will hear something today.... and thank you for coming... wham bam.. in and out in like 15mins. By the evening at around dinner time, we received the approved email from USCIS..... now awaiting physical card. what a K1 to 485 journey. 5/2019 to 2/2021 Good luck to all of you.... 8-) Adjustment of Status Event Date CIS Office : Los Angeles CA Date Filed : 2020-02-18 NOA Date : 2020-02-20 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2020-03-13 AOS Transfer** : Interview Date : 2021-02-08
  7. I received the interview letter.. ours is 2/8/21. In the letter, it says bring the latest W2, 2 mths pay stub, and employment letter verifying employment. Marriage cert, evidence of relationship etc. Any prior divorces Any prior criminal stuff Also 693 if havent done so via DS 3025 bring more.. so you need no delays...
  8. Do you mean CHECKED "K Visa Applicant Voluntarily Completed Vaccination Requirements" is the all GREEN sign? That is the marked complete you mean?
  9. Thanks.. but the problem is the comment B classification ( not sufficient time to administer 2nd dose) and D for Tdap. https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/exams/ti/civil/vaccination-civil-technical-instructions.html As per requirements... we are missing MMR and Vacci 2nd dose and Tdap. as per FAQ on instructions of I-693, Q 2, we need complete vaccination. Complete means?? 2nd dose + tdap? We made appoint with local doctor to get all jabs and update pg 10 of I-693 in case out of abundance of caution Good idea?.. total about $150 3 jabs and fill in form. SRR_0002.pdf
  10. Hi... anyone can help... we came in on 12/19 with DS 3025, applied I-485 2/20 TDAP - not available MMR 1st dose Vaccinia 1st dose Flu shot 1 shot Interview is in 2/2021 Do we need go for another dose and complete I-693 section 10 again? or make appt and inject more stuff? Please confirm see attached
  11. We applied 485 in Feb 18 2020... we got the AP and EAD on Jul 17 2020... Finally we got the email that an interview is scheduled today 12/23/20... havent received anything... await the letter.... keep all posted
  12. Filed 2/18/20 Bio 3/13/20 4/6/20 ready for interview.. . . nothing happened.. . .7/21 EAD AP approved (waiting for card)
  13. POE 12/27/19 Married 12/29/19 Filed 485 765 131 2/18/20 Fingerprint 3/13/20 Ready for interview 4/6/20 AP EAD today approved 7/17/20 Good luck everyone...
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