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  1. The RFE letter asked for a completed and signed I-864 form and most recent federal tax return. And that’s it. So I was thinking of filling out the I864EZ instead of the regular I-864 since it’s a shorter form, just sponsoring me and we check off all the requirements.
  2. I did put $75k on the i864 and provided everything they needed and we still got an RFE letter. I did provide a letter from his employer which states that’s how much he makes, as well as pay stubs from the last 6 months and all taxes from the last 3 years(w2s, 1040s and 1099) . I have a feeling they probably misplaced our paperwork.
  3. I know that it’s not current obviously. So id have to calculate what he has so far and predict the next three months on what he’s going to be making. So if the USCIS people keep asking for the 2020 tax return what’s the point of that? So he needs to be earning more than 27,000 from January of this year to December of this year. He works on salary not hourly. He earns 75,000 a year which includes bonuses.
  4. Oh no I think you didn’t quite understand what I said. 27,000 is the number on the I-864p list for the 125% over poverty line for a family of 3. And my husband makes more than that per year but on his 2020 tax return he made 32,000. So will that be okay. Because they’re only asking to submit his 2020 tax return.
  5. Hi everyone, just had a quick question and hope someone could answer it. If it household income is 27,000 for 3 people, and let’s say the 2020 tax income of the petitioner was 31,000 is that sufficient enough for the petitioner to be a sponsor with no problems? Or should we add a joint sponsor or household member. Thanks!
  6. Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks! Yeah better to expedite and see what happens the worst that can happen is that they deny it.
  7. We’ll it has to be explained properly to them and provide them with lots of evidence because one of their reason to expedite is if the company or person which is me is at severe loss of money, and I would be.
  8. I’m only going to be away for 6 months. Oh I see okay thank you for the information. I’ll definitely look into it. So should I send my AOS stuff first than expedite it or can I send a cover letter with my evidence along with my AOS?
  9. I am just afraid that with the Advance Parole, theres a chance they may not let people back into the US from what I've heard. No I can't work remotely, I work in a Hospital.
  10. I know but ill try anyway. I only have 8 months till I need to go back to work. I just need to provide as much evidence my work provided as possible and hopefully it'll be enough.
  11. No, I’m still employed in Canada and on Maternity leave right now. I’m in the US, got married before the 90 days and now have to adjust my status. I’m hoping to get my whole green card expedited.
  12. I’ll be at a severe loss of money. I am currently on maternity leave with my job and with Covid happening everything stopped right. We’ll also in the middle of Covid my k1 was approved. Anyway here in the US now and have to adjustment my status but I need to go back to work in February for 6 months. If I don’t, I have to pay back all the money ( top ups and benefits) my worked paid me back in full
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