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  1. Did you guy's get your Oath date yet?  I had my interview on Dec 7th with no word as of yet.


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    2. sgriff16


      Ok thanks, keep me posted and I'll do the same if I hear anything.


    3. sashacher


      My oath ceremony was on Jan 15th!

    4. sgriff16


      I go for my Oath Ceremony this week 

  2. Sure! The interview was very quick and easy. I was scheduled to start at 10:00 am but I didn't get called in until about 10:15 am, though I was out at approximately 10:50 am. My interviewer called me in and apologized for the delay. She had me hold up my right hand and promise to tell the truth. She told me not to be nervous and that she was "just here to make sure I'm OK to move on to the next step in the process". She verified my name and DOB with my green card, passport and driver's license and then immediately asked me about my DUI. It was technically not a DUI because I was not driving at the time, but I explained to her the situation and how it happened. I told her I regretted the decision and was careful to never put myself in a situation like that again. I told her I had been open about this since the beginning and had provided all the requested documents. I also informed her that I had received an expungement for the charge earlier this year and she asked to see those documents. I also told her that I haven't had any incidents since then to which she replied, "I know, I pulled your records" haha. So I suppose they do a very thorough check if you have/had a criminal record. I had not had so much as a speeding ticket since though. I asked for a name change (back to my maiden name) on my application. I guess she thought it was weird because she asked if I was still married and I said "yes, of course, I just preferred having my old name". We did the paperwork for that. Then she began going through my application and asking questions about how I met my husband, our relationship, and our families (my green card was based on a K1 visa/marriage to a US citizen). She asked me a lot of questions about my husband's family such as "does he have any siblings?", "do his parents like you?", "what do his parents do for work?", "what does he do for work?". She was very kind and, while I know asking those questions is her job, we actually had a very nice conversation about familial genetic conditions. I am probably closer to my husband's family now than my own so the questions were casual and easy for me to discuss. Then we moved on to the reading/writing portion. She had me read "What do we pay to the government?" and then I had to write "We pay taxes". It was quick and simple. Next, we did the civics test. I got the first six questions right so we stopped after that. The six questions I was asked were: Who is the father of our country? What are the first three words of the constitution? Who is the current president of the US? Who did the US fight in WWII? What was one reason that led to the civil war? We elect a senator for how many years? After I passed those tests, she went over the answers to the 50 yes/no questions on my application. Then, she started telling me when and where my oath ceremony would be! And in my head I was thinking "wait, so did I get approved?!". Then she handed me my interview results and said "congratulations!". That was it! I tried to maintain my composure until I got into the elevator where I jumped around for joy Overall, it was a great experience. Good luck to everyone else in thread!
  3. Hi ya'll! My application happened really quickly. I'm at the Pittsburgh, PA USCIS office. My N-400 application was received by USCIS on August 21st, 2020 and I had my interview this morning (November 24th, 2020). I was recommended for approval after my interview and am now just awaiting the scheduling of my oath ceremony ETA: I applied without the help of an immigration attorney. I had a 10 year old DUI charge which I received an expungement for earlier this year. If anyone has any questions about that process, I'd be happy to answer them here or in dm.
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