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  1. My interview / test is tomorrow. Wish me luck! what did everyone bring to the interview. The letter gave me a list, but wondering if I need anything else.
  2. Mine now says 13 months even though it would be 7 months from December to July.
  3. Finally got an update for an interview for July 15th! YAY. Time to study
  4. My Estimate time went to 7 months now. Very confused. It was July 2021.. no interview notice yet.
  5. Still no interview date for me No updates since Jan 2021 and the website doesnt give me a date anymore to when expect completion. "Your N-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance. Check the estimated case processing times for your field office or service center."
  6. My Estimated case completion time went back to JULY 2021! instead of November
  7. At one point I was deleted from the Google DOC, so I readded myself. I am not sure what happened. Maybe someone deleted a bunch of people by accident.
  8. So much good news for many of our December filers study time!
  9. I think most of us had the same update. But from what I hear its not accurate. I would just keep checking back in a few weeks and hopefully some good news.
  10. I see they are reverting back to the 2008 test, if you have an interview before April you have the option to take either the 2020 or 2008 test. My interview will be after this, so I will be studying for the 2008 Test, it has half the questions to memorize.
  11. Mine changed to from July 5 months to November 9 months Why ? I hope its not accurate
  12. Like passport pictures? I dont think they are required for natrualization. I didnt see them on the application.
  13. Update : Got an update in my notices on USCIS. Dated the 2/12/2021 They wil be reusing my biometrics Yay!
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