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  1. What center are your file being processed?
  2. I have California so i hope to get mine soon so I do not have to ask to go there while I will be working.
  3. Hi there, how do you know that you will not have to give your fingerprints again?
  4. Congrats! Wac means your file has been sent to The California Service Center. Same as me. 😊
  5. Guys I received my 18 months extension. I am soooooo happy. Way to go California Service Center. 😊
  6. Just received a text saying they received my file and my reveipt number starts by wac so it went to the California service center and form 797 to follow in mail. So happy as my green card expires on March 9th.
  7. Ugh i meant my green card expires on March 9th.
  8. I hope i am doing the right thing by filing a new form I-751, and not using the last one.I hope they do not expect me to send the old one with just a new check... because online the status does not say RFE it just say that they received my file and they do not need anything from me.
  9. yes i have one but i did not have enough money in it at that time so i chose to pay by credit card. can't wait to send it back tomorrow. Ughhh i am so mad at myself. And my credit card expires on March 9th. Plus i am trying to apply to jobs and i have interviews i can't tell them my CC expires soon :s
  10. thanks guys, i will have to send it back tomorrow since my husband needs to sign the form. I am so pissed, i knew i should have paid by check.
  11. nightmare: i received my whole file back today minus my binder.they rejected my file because they were not able to charge my credit card. . anyway now my question is do i have to file a new form I-751 and remove the one rejected or should i keep the one rejected and just include a new check and send back the file as it is?