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  1. Yes but they did not do the k1 but the cr1 and for all those it is way faster than the ones who got married with a k1 visa so it is not surprising that they got approved so quickly.
  2. No I think (and I noticed) that anyone who got their green card through IR-1/CR-1 Visa instead of K1 got their process accelerated.
  3. Congrats! When did you have your interview exactly? Did u have one for the adjustment of status also?
  4. I do not think people are quiet just to be quiet. It is just that there is no update happening so nothing really do say about the progress of our cases.
  5. I think so. I am WAC (California) and my status did not change. I did my bio on April 26 and it did not even state online.
  6. They won't have an interview soon. It just means that their file has been checked and approved and that they are ready to be scheduled for their interview. It does not mean they will necessarily have their interview anytime soon. They still have to interview all the people who have sent their file before them from 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  7. Exactly. I did have an interview for my AOS so fingers crossed I won't have one for ROC.
  8. Maybe for the cr1 but not necessarily for the adjustment of status if u came under a k1 visa which is my case.
  9. Sorry. I meant did any of you guys got the interview to get the temporary green card?
  10. Did u guys who received the email for the interview when you got here in the usa with your temporary green card?
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