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  1. It took 14 months for my green card to arrive after POE on an IR1.
  2. This. I was waiting a year for mine to arrive. After contacting the ombudsman, it started moving about a month later.
  3. Wow! Another 14 months later and I just received another notification email from USCIS telling me that "On March 16, 2017, the Post Office delivered your new card". I'm glad to see they're still on the ball.
  4. broppy

    Vaccines Needed?

    Assuming you're 18-64, you only need Tdap, MMR, and varicella (if you never had chickenpox). Check the table at the bottom of the CDC's technical guide for age-specific requirements.
  5. LOL. "free" America is called Canada - especially if you like to apologise.
  6. broppy

    Montreal interview

    Are you planning on importing a Canadian vehicle? Did you already check that it's compliant and get a letter from the manufacturer?
  7. I had the same problem. I guess they just ignored it at first because they didn't notice the English translation at the bottom. I was doing electronic processing at NVC, so just sent them another scanned copy of the VOG with a brief cover note explaining that the document is bi-lingual. There's no need to have it sent directly from NL to NVC.
  8. broppy

    Denied entry to the US

    Welcome to America. Sue anyone for giving bad advice. Seriously. (Anyone except me, of course).
  9. broppy

    Dublin Immigration

    Yes. Absolutely no problem to do it at pre-clearance in Dublin. He'll become a lawful permanent resident, not a citizen, but otherwise, that's pretty much the process.
  10. broppy

    Denied entry to the US

    Find yourself a new lawyer. Or don't bother with one at all. It doesn't matter when you apply. Things get easier if you've already been married for two years once your visa is approved and you actually move to the US - not when you start applying. You can apply now and move south after August (probably well after August - processing time is around 12-14 months) and still get an unconditional 10 year green card.
  11. Even that is just a declaration before US authorities. It has no more effect on British status than renunciation of citizenship. As far as the Queen's concerned, he can still be Sir Anthony and keep his British passport.
  12. They never stamp your passport when leaving the US. CBP just relies on information from the airlines. But don't worry about the I-94 - their records are notoriously inaccurate - especially when Canada's involved. There were numerous inconsistencies in my history and it was never mentioned during the visa process nor when I crossed the border.
  13. That's good to know. I stand corrected. I never imagined there would be enough demand for US-sized photos for it to be a standard option.
  14. A photobooth's probably no good. US passport photos need to be 2x2 inches, not the 35x45 mm you'll get from a booth. The embassy has a page with the photo requirements. https://uk.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/u-s-passports/how-to-renew-a-passport/photographs/
  15. broppy

    DCF in Canada - YES, it *IS* possible!

    Ouch! When wife and I moved from Europe to Canada 6 years ago, we literally arrived at the airport with a letter from her employer to CBSA stating that she's been transferred, please give her a work permit. And they did. And even gave me one too as her spouse. When it came to moving south, though, even with 8 months notice, there was no way I could get a visa in time to go with her. It would have been easier for us both to move if she wasn't a US citizen - L-1/L-2 processing time is peanuts compared to IR-1.