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  1. Hi guys. So my hubby had his n400 interview on July 23rd. He was recommended for approval and told it will take from 30-60 days to schedule for the oath ceremony. Today is 3 weeks after his interview and there is no online update. It still says “interview scheduled”” it has not been updated. I check his status on just the regular case status where u enter receipt number because somehow I got locked out of our account so I can’t see his case completion and the previous documents sent and etc... I have read about plenty of people who have similar case update problems. Should we just wait it out hopefully just like the io said 30-60 days?? I just want this all the be over and close this chapter of our lives!!!!!
  2. I hope everyone gets scheduled soon! My hubby had his interview 3 weeks ago and was told 30/60 days. Still no online update!!
  3. Did your case status update online? My husband had his interview about 3 weeks ago and was recommended for approval and told 30-60 days for oath. And status online still says we scheduled your interview.
  4. He was interviewed in New Orleans, Louisiana. I don’t see many posts from people who interviewed here so I hope we hear somthing soon regardless!
  5. Hi guys. So my hubby had his n400 interview on Tuesday. The io was such a sweet nice lady and recommended him for approval that day. She gave him the paper with the box checked Congratulations and said he should get his oath in 30-60 days. She told him to bring his green cards and passport to the ceremony. Today is the 3 rd day after his interview and approval and his case online is still showing “we scheduled your interview” it has not updated. Is this normal?? Shouldn’t it have updated the same day after his interview??
  6. Hey there! So my hubbys interview for n400 is finally around the corner. He had a charge that happened after we sent his n400 for simple damage to property. His court docket says plea: Not guilty Verdict: NP-Nolle Process total charged: 0.00 total paid: 0.00 total due: 0.00 basically everything is 0. Does he have to go into specifics about his charge? Can he just say that I had a charge that happened after I sent in my n 400 and the charges were dropped ? I read that nolle process is basically them dropping the charges and it’s not a conviction for immigration. What do y’all think??
  7. So my hubby has his interview coming up in 2 weeks. I’m getting a few of his things ready and I notice that his passport last name is not spelled the same as his green cards. For example. His conditional and permanent resident cards are both spelled Hmoud as his last name. In the passport it is spelled Hammoud. Is this gonna cause any problems during his interview??? Will they just process everything underneath his green card spelling. Anyone went through anything similar???? I’m stressing out over everything I can’t wait for this to be over!!
  8. Hi everyone! So me and my hubby were going over a copy of the n400 application just getting ready for his upcoming interview later this month. And I noticed that I picked filing under the 3 year rule just because it mentioned being married to a us citizen and whatnot..... so even tho we’ve been married for significantly longer will there still be extra scrutiny towards our marriage even tho he’s been here since 2010 and we’ve been married since 2007?
  9. So I just received another certified copy from the courthouse that my hubby had a dismissed charge from in preparation for his upcoming interview. It is a certified copy. Not an original. Is this ok?
  10. We will bring the certified court papers to his interview. Do u know anyone who has gone through a similar situation? It has been hard not to stress over it.
  11. So he’s filing the five year not three because we’ve been married 10 years already. So I see online that there are certified translators that can take your foreign document and translate and certify it in English for you. Since I don’t have an original certified copy of my marriage certificate how about I get my foreign marriage certificate translated and certified online?
  12. I’m sure a copy will be just fine. I don’t think it should cause a problem.
  13. We live in Louisiana. Married in Palestine. Marriage certificate is one from Palestine.
  14. I only have a copy of the certified marriage certificate. My dad was the sponsor for when we applied my hubby to come here on the cr1. Im for certain he sent all original certified copies when we first did the paperwork. Right now I just have a copy. Just some extra copies that my dad had copied himself in his office. Not an original certified. Just a photocopy of it.
  15. We were married in Palestine. Where could I possibly get a certified copy from down here?
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