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  1. I know in NY. Google search your city and non profit and you should be able to fins something. Schools often offer that kind of help too.
  2. Like said above, read the questions with understanding and reference the instructions. If you need assistance, seek help here and/or professional help. I know lawyers can get expensive but maybe try to look for non profit organization that helps with paperwork? I like to have a piece of mind, and knowing someone looked over my application puts less stress on me 🙂 Good luck, everything will be fine!
  3. Did you try calling and asking for second level of customer service? Those are immigration officers and let them know you would like to find out why this is taking longer than expected. Calling won’t hurt, so try it if you haven’t. And if nothing gets resolved until your receipt date shows up online, just submit an inquiry as soon as it does.
  4. You just call the regular 1-800 number and when you speak to a customer service person, ask to be transferred to Tier 2 right away. Good luck! I wish you all the best.
  5. I would call Tier 2 customer service and also contact your senator to act on your behalf. This is crazy, I'm sorry.
  6. Possible but not always true. A lot of folks who applied for N-400 with i-751 pending are getting combo interviews. It is one big game at this point.
  7. More than enough 😁 Are you attaching a copy of your marriage license? And joint taxes going back as far as you can? Just making sure 😉 Good luck and thank you for all that you do!
  8. You should hear in about 2 weeks if they put a request. Good luck!!
  9. I had all the letters notarized but they don't have to be. I just think it looks better when they are notarized. And if someone can't come with you, ask them if you can at least have a copy of their ID, some place will notarize with a copy of Driver's License without the person present.
  10. Yes, that's enough. I submitted 2 with my application, one from dad in law and one from our friend. 🙂
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