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    Came on a work visa and met my husband at my job.We dated for five years as I was back and fort from jamaica to the us.
    He finally ask me to marry him in 2012 and I accepted.

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  1. Congratulations my fellow Citizen,welcome aboard.Just receive my voting card in the mail.Weh we a go party lata???? So happy for u.
  2. Just let the process flow.Go to the interview and work with whatever happen there and then. All the best now.Make sure u start studying!!!
  3. Just a word of advice as I see this happened to two of my male friend who went in for citizen interview.Most recently today. If you have a child who is not currently living with you who is living in another country ;be aware that you will be asked to provide proof that you are taking care of the child/children financially and is in contact with them.Weather you are filing for them or not.This is for children under 18. The test will be administered but you will not be approve until proof is shown .
  4. How awesome,interview and citizen in one day!!!Congratulations!!!
  5. Congratulations my friend.Super happy that it all worked out for you!!!!
  6. Congratulations!!!Study for your test and all the best at ur interview.You are bless.
  7. I don't think you will base on other people's journey here
  8. You still have to be living together until the day you take your oath.The OP did say they are separated
  9. U will still get one in the mail.I got mine after my interview and still got one in the mail.Dont worry about estimated time.I got my certificate almost 3 weeks now and my estimated completion time is saying November.
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