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  1. Congratulations on completing this process and thank you for sharing your experience. I’m surprised they’re having ceremonies with ~50 people at a time. Hopefully this will clear the backlog relatively quickly. My ceremony will be next Wednesday. Looking forward to it!
  2. Thanks! The ceremony is scheduled for June 17th at the 810 Gears Rd location (USCIS office). Good luck to anyone waiting to hear about their ceremony date. They are moving.
  3. Today my USCIS account was updated to show the oath ceremony has been scheduled. No date yet as the “notice letter” isn’t currently in the system. I’ll update y’all when it becomes available. Interview date was February 18th and original ceremony was scheduled for April 1st. Hope everyone’s cases start moving again.
  4. Congratulations! I just checked my status and I was also scheduled for April 1st. I had my interview on February 18th. Looks like we’ll be attending the same ceremony!
  5. Thanks! The notice date was January 14th, 2020. We received a few days after (~3-4 days). Basically a month before the interview.
  6. Had my citizenship interview today and it was approved! N-400 was received by USCIS on June 7th, 2019. Congratulations to everyone who has had a recent approval and looking forward to the oath ceremony.
  7. Thanks! Appreciate the info. Based on the approval letter USCIS prefers to “overestimate” and gives a general time frame of 60 days.
  8. Great news! If you don’t mind telling us, how long did you wait for the green card after receiving the approval notice? We got the approval notice today so we’re wondering how long the gc will take.
  9. Hi everyone, Our case was approved on May 1st. Info: - Service Center: California - Application sent: 04/27/2018 - Received: 04/30/2018 - NOA: 06/07/2018 - Extension: 08/18/2018 - Biometrics Appointment: 03/14/2019 - Approval: 05/01/2019 The “new” site still shows as “Case received” but the “old” site went from showing an error to “New card being produced.” We were planning on filing the N-400 but decided to wait until the I-751 approval as we’ve noticed that applying for naturalization while having the pending ROC can sometimes delay the latter. Needless to say, we’ll be applying for it very shortly. Hope everyone’s cases get approved soon
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