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  1. My congressman is not friendly when it comes to immigration. He got my combo approved in 2 weeks. Don’t assume they will not help future voters.
  2. Bingo- plus you get it very quickly not months later. But if you applied by mail or an acceptance center right now you wouldn’t have your certificate! You would be SOL.
  3. If the virus is so bad that phase 3 is indefinitely delayed than no one is opening boarders for Americans. Congress is pushing them very hard to sort this mess out. On the other hand if there is a VAX, phase 3 will start and I will be the first inline to bypass everyone by mail. (I’ll need to travel for work ASAP) A rush to get passports during a global pandemic just seems odd to me. But I get it, people without the need to travel in the next few months just apply because they want to. My theory is that they miss USCIS abuse and heard about the mess at DOS.
  4. Lol - okay. Just trying to understand the rush to apply. It’s definitely not for travel...
  5. You will not be travelling on any last minute flight if your docs are in some lock box somewhere. Go to flyertalk and look at what people that actually are travelling are doing, people are completely SOL, DOS can’t even give them a tracking number because the application is sitting in some lockbox somewhere. Congress is getting involved being people need passports for business and DOS can’t find passport applications. It’s a mess. I don’t see a case to apply.
  6. None of the makes sense. You can get a passport in 1-2 days right now at a passport agency office in an emergency. But you can’t if you mailed off your certificate. You are screwed in an emergency and will be waiting months. Also how does parting with your one evidence of citizenship for months make sense if your worried about proving your status to law enforcement. The only logical use case is that you plan to go to Mexico or some island in 3 months but think the virus will be so bad that DOS will not hit phase 3.
  7. Ahh the mailing address is VA but physical office in DC. Regardless, my point still stands that you don’t have to go to DC to apply in person. i still don’t understand the rush to get a passport before Phase Three? Where are people going ?! You realize you are risking not having your documents in an emergency or when expedited returns allowing you to actually get a passport when you need it.
  8. You really only need a flight booked to get expedited in person service once we hit phase 3. They will probably hit phase 3 and clear the backlog before your able to actually go anywhere anyways so I really don’t see the point of people mailing in the application to some black hole that is taking months, especially since some application have been reported missing. Also, What if you DO have an emergency in the next month, you are screwed. Just wait a few months, they will clear the backlog, than you only have to wait <2 weeks for mail or a day or two for in person expedited. 50% of Americans don’t ever get a passport.
  9. Likely refugee documents. My friend had similar issue and they took his UN documents.
  10. There is no pp agency office in DC. (There is one In VA) The full list is here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast/passport-agencies.html If you wait until phase 3 you can get your passport in person, in a few days as long as you have travel within 2 weeks.
  11. Where are non dual citizens travelling to that they need a passport so badly? Basically only Mexico and a few islands is open to Americans Seems safer and less inconvenient to wait.
  12. I just thought of that after I hit save. When I was researching on FT they recommend applying at an embassy as lots of applications have gone missing.
  13. You can wait for the passport agency offices to open and pay for expedited service. Normally they process the application same day for pick up. (Pre covid anyways) Why is everyone is such a rush to get a passports. Most counties have banned American passport holders anyways.
  14. There are 3 types of birth documents in all of Canada outside of Quebec: 1. Short form, in the 90s this was wallet sized, only shows your details. 2.Long form, shows you and yours parents details. 3. A certified copy of birth record. This is a photo copy of what is actually on record at the department of vital statistics certified by that agency. OP only has 1 and 3. Based on the screen print from the DOS above, 2 or 3 are okay.
  15. Kens are the most elusive form of Karen’s, often they are threatened easily.
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