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    I first met my future husband in 1990 in South Africa and he was a work colleague of my deceased husband. After a couple of years after my husband passed away he was visiting the USA and suggested we meet up for dinner. We shared our life stories and eventually were kicked out of the restaurant as they wanted to close. The next day we met again and continued our catch up. Long story short, later that year we became a couple but spent the next two years travelling back and forth between USA and South Africa. In 2016 we both moved to jobs in Nigeria to enable us to be together. We now travel around African for work, but are based in Lagos, Nigeria. We want to retire to the USA in about 3 or so years, with perhaps the option of us working part-time, to boost our Pensions. We are planning on getting married on July 4th 2019 in Dallas.

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  1. I had applied previously for my Mother to come to the USA. Now I am applying for my husband to stay in the USA. My Timeline is a total mess and I want to help others, as I have been helped, to see what the status is. However, all my Mothers info remains on the page. I just want to start with a clean and clear timeline and put in my new info.
  2. I bought my Mother out to the USA to live with me about 12 years ago. She has since returned to the UK. However, I married a South African and have applied for his Green card. I cannot figure out how to delete the Dept of State IR-1/CR-1 NVC Receive, Consulate Rec, Interview and Approval as well as the USCIS N-400 Petition details from that particular application from my timeline. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. I previously applied for my Mother to join us in the USA. So when I look at my profile I have several boxes marked off. How do I uncheck those boxes for the application for my new husband?
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