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  1. How does public charge rule affect IR5 visa application outside US?? Beneficiary is a father, 65 y.o. and petitioner child has good financial background.
  2. Hi! This post is for a friend. She wants to know if a CEMAR of her father is needed during the interview. She petitioned her father thru IR5. She's born in the philippines so she knows that she needs her own CEMAR. But what about her dad?
  3. Do IR5 visa beneficiary needs CEMAR? or just the petitioner if born in the Philippines?
  4. Good Day! How will this expanded public charge rule affect US visa applicants (immediate relative). Are there any instances in the US embassy denying applicants due to public charge rule especially in the Philippines?
  5. So, for future note. It would be better for the new immigrant visa holder to fly to US within the months eligible for open enrollment, right? to comply with the new rules?
  6. Isn't it a life changing event that a spouse will move in with the sponsor?? change in family size? so that eligible for open enrollment??
  7. If the sponsor has health insurance and the beneficiary who is seeking for visa is the husband, there will be no problem with it right?? the husband will be the dependendent of the wife's health insurance?
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