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  1. Congratulations!!! On the other hand, most likely you will receive an approval letter for I-130.
  2. Hi guys! I just wanna come on here on this thread (May 2019 AOS FILERS) to THANK everyone who helped me through this journey. I am really grateful to every person who answered my questions and those people who shared their experiences. Really Learned A Lot, just by reading people's posts everyday. Yesterday was my interview and got APPROVED with flying colors, no RFE's. I can't even begin to describe how happy and still shock I am. I can't believe I'm done of all these overthinking and worrying shizzzz. I'm wishing and praying to all of you who are still waiting that may good news will come your way very SOON! Here's my tracker:
  3. I should keep all those questions when doing my research, thank you so much.🤗 Sounds like a good idea to start contacting civil surgeons on my list while waiting for my interview/appointment letter. Thank you 🤗
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I hope you guys had a good one. I just wanna crowdsource some honest advices/opinions, whatever you may call it. My I-485 status just changed today to "Interview was scheduled" after 203 days from the day I filed. I just got my EAD combo card 30 days ago as well. I haven't done my medical yet because I was waiting to receive a RFE or courtesy letter for it. Now that I know that my Interview has been scheduled (who knows when 🙄) Should I or not plan to book an appointment now to get my medical done? Should I just wait for a courtesy letter and a RFE?? let me know what you guys think. thank you
  5. Hi guys! Just wanna ask anyone from Las Vegas area or Nevada in general. I just got my combo card and my desired married name is correct and all. I have my dad's last name as my middle name now and I took my husband's last name as my new last name. However, when I went to SSA to change my maiden name to my married name, the person said I can't just drop my middle name and change it to my dad's last name. I need to petition it to court and that sort of things. To site an example: Birth name: First name: Ann Lorraine Middle name: Macariola Last name: Medina Married name: (In combo card and I-797's) First name: Ann Lorraine Middle name: Medina Last name: Smith So, the guy at the SSA did First name: Ann Lorraine Middle name: Macariola Last name: Smith Question: 1. How did you guys fixed all this? Any tips? Thanks in advance guys!
  6. -Hey, You can request for an expedite through calling USCIS and for my experience I did it with "Emma" which is like their virtual online assistant in their website. Just make sure to call them within their normal office hours. I advice you to read some articles online about expediting, or even here on VisaJourney there's a lot. I just can't link any right now as I'm running errands but you can just search it.
  7. Hey there. I received an update the very next day that the request has been received and 5 days later they approved it. I attached my own tracker below if you're interested
  8. Just an update: I received two approval notice in the mail today for I-765 and I-131, so this is confirmed.
  9. I think it's best to chat with Emma on their normal office hours because that's what I did since I can't get a hold of an agent over the phone. I just typed in "I'd like to speak to a representative" and then an agent replied with their name and concealed agent number and assisted me from there on.
  10. I heard June filers are moving way faster than May. You'll hear from them soon for sure. 👌
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