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  1. NOA1s are just merely a receipt, telling you that they have received your application/petition. If you still haven't received any NOA1 in the mail after 30 days or so from the date it got delivered, you can call and inquire.
  2. NOA1s are just merely a receipt, telling you that they have received your application/petition. The only instructions that you can find in each of them is to check and make sure that the personal information (name, address, etc.) are correct.
  3. Ahh I see. There you go, if I were in your shoes, I would make a letter of explanation and attach the naturalization document of your husband. And submit it based on what the instructions is or submit it during the interview (that I'm not sure.) Congratulations on your husbands naturalization, by the way and to you too. Your medical exam is still valid and that's what really matters.
  4. Just to make sure I got this correctly, you did your medical 60 days before sending AOS packet, right? To make sure, call them and ask them how to reply to this exactly. I think what they need you to provide is an explanation why you waited 60 days before sending the application. The only reason why it raises concern is that the medical report should be valid until the interview. And in your case, it's already 2 months down the whole waiting time until the interview, it might or might not be valid until then.
  5. Hi guys! one quick question. In paying using cashier's check for I-130 and I-485 concurrently, it doesn't matter who's the remitter on the cashier's check is (either the petitioner or applicant/beneficiary) just as long as the amounts are correct, it should be good to go, right? The reason I asked this, is because we sent out G-1450, it got rejected due to invalid or incomplete information. But we checked the copy of G-1450 that we sent out, everything was fine. I think the bank just didn't allow the authorization/transaction to go through.
  6. I followed this advice when I received my packet back and for the second time, I got rejected again. I don't know what went wrong. Here's how we filled up form G-1450: Applicant's/Petitioner's/Requester's Information (Full legal Name) -my husband's name because he's the petitioner and we're using his card. and then we put the whole amount of $1760 and we put the card details and doubled checked it a million times and then he signed it. I don't know if its a bank's thing they haven't responded to us yet. What do you think went wrong with our application? Should we opt for a cashier's check this time then?
  7. So, last April 10th I sent an AOS packet. Today I got the packet back from USCIS Chicago. My applications got rejected due to insufficient information of the my G-1450. I sent two forms for I-130 ($535.00) and I-485 ($1,225.00). Since I still have the filed form in my computer, I checked everything it was correct except for the signature because you can't just sign the form electronically. I made sure before sending that all of the forms, cover letters, etc are all signed but I don't really know what went wrong. 🤷‍♀️ For those who experienced this, Here's my questions: 1. Did you guys still use the g-1450 or paid with check or money order instead? 2. Did you guys sent all of the original forms back? or did you print new set of forms again? I was planning to send it all back, since they were just asking for the form G-1450 or other means of payment. But they marked something on the bottom of the every form's first page, just like the images below: 3. Did you guys arranged it again? or did you sent it back as how they sent it back to you? Thanks so much for your help guys. If this topic already existed, kindly attach the link, I can't find anything as of right now. thanks thanks thank again!
  8. -I agree, it probably is. -right. We've been checking our bank account too, but nada 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. we'll keep checking.
  9. Even though I know the expected turn around time is 3 weeks, what messed me up is reading all of the people timeline here that they only waited for a week (max) to get notifications back, I am also expecting the same, yah know? 😂
  10. Oh, nvm. You're adjusting from K-1. 😰 But anyways, I'm trying not to think about it too much just to not get stressed out about this.
  11. Wow! mine too. Got delivered and signed on April 16th but still no good news yet. I'm starting to wonder if it's because of the kind of visa that I'm adjusting from which is J1. How about you?
  12. Forms are correct, I believe. And there is no fee for the I-864. That's a supporting document needed for the I-485.
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