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  1. JPVL

    Approved !!

    Your case must have been on top of mine haha, definitely a stiff drink needed after such a long wait! Safe travels!
  2. JPVL

    Approved !!

    My status changed to Issued this afternoon! Your wish of good luck obviously helped so i will return the favour, hope you get the news you've been waiting for soon!!
  3. Status changed to Issued this afternoon! Just waiting for the courier to email me now, but can finally relax after over a month of 'Ready'. Happy days!
  4. JPVL

    Approved !!

    In my personal case I'm still waiting to get my passport back after having my medical on November 15th & interview on November 26th. My case was approved at interview pending medical results which i know were sent to the embassy on November 22nd (confirmed by Knightsbridge). I assume everything was fine with them as i haven't been contacted to say otherwise but i haven't had any information to say the embassy received my results (actually emailed them yesterday to see if they could confirm). My last case update was January 3rd and i've been in 'Ready' on the CEAC page ever since i started checking it on December 5th, I’ve only seen my case update on the following dates - Dec 3rd, Dec 13th (prompted due to email my lawyer sent on my behalf) & Jan 3rd. Not really sure what the hold up is with my case but assume there is a pretty big backlog of files without medicals on day of interview, i've also seen on here people being handed 221(g) forms for no medical results with their case, for me this wasn't the case. I'm sure the days the embassy has been closed due to holidays hasn't helped with my particular case, so fingers crossed they start issuing the assumed backlog (no evidence just my assumption) within the coming weeks. My visa type is an Employment based Green Card so i don't know if they get processed differently than K-1's. Is your current visa status in 'Ready' or 'Administrative Processing'? I'll be interested to see how your case progresses compared with mine.
  5. Congratulations, and safe travels! My status is still on 'Ready' but after seeing your process progress as it has, i'm hoping mine will get going after New Years Day. Will update as and when. Also, Happy New Year!
  6. Congratulations! Mine is still in 'Ready' but as we had exactly the same situation i imagine mine will change in the not too distant future. Just going to forget about checking the CEAC website and enjoy the holidays for now .
  7. Congrats on some movement! Still no shift in mine, please keep us up to date!
  8. Any response to your email today? Still no movement in my case. 😕
  9. I know the feeling, just hoping the process starts shifting on Monday. Seeing other people with this problem and getting resolved before me is strange to say the least, especially when they were interviewed after our interview date. Feeling pretty hopeless in this whole situation!
  10. Hi @ds2did your status change from Ready-AP-Ready-Issued over the course of one day or over a few? Thanks!
  11. Understood, I hope you (and everyone else that's been waiting more than the norm) get issued early this coming week. I don't know if it being the week before Christmas will benefit or hinder us 😕.
  12. Damn, sorry to hear that. Very strange it seems to happen to only a select few. There are a few differences I see between your case and mine though, one of which is that you're in 'AP' whilst i'm stuck in 'Ready', was that the same case for you for the first few weeks then you got changed to 'AP' or was your Visa Status always in 'AP' since your interview? Thanks for sharing your info btw
  13. I thought I had read somewhere that some peoples status had changed during the weekend, thanks for confirming. I'm not going to hold my breath though. Seeing as my interview was approved on November 26th with no 221g I was expecting at least a shift from 'Ready' by now. 14 working days and still not issued is starting to worry me slightly, especially as my intended travel date was marked as December 18th at the Embassy.
  14. No update for me either mate. Embassy closes at 5.30pm so have a few hours at least for something to shift. Not sure if CEAC status's change after the embassy closes / on weekends? Thanks for your response to my previous post also. Not only did we have our interview the same day but also our medical! They must be unlucky dates 😐