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  1. 1. There is NO father listed on her birth certificate 2. We have NO plans to bring her to the U.S. to live with her mother. I am on ly looking to see our options, should she in the future wish to visit us in the U.S.
  2. First of all, there are no plans to bring her daughter to the states to live with us. I am on ly asking if in the future, she wants to visit us, what are her options and how long could she stay,, to attend college, for example. if she decided to live here .This is a hypothetical, not a need to know now question. Had she indicated she wanted to come here, of course I would have included her in the I-130.
  3. Who knows? Like so many in ncountries like Thailand and the Philippines, teen-0age girls have sex with teen-age boys, give birth and the father disappears...forever
  4. In that case, she can stay as long as she wants? Six monts(like in a tourist visa)? Or two years' like a CR-1 visa, with a green card and a potential 10 year green card?
  5. I can petition, no problem. What kinds of visas can she apply for?
  6. Yes, she's 15, but my wife is a single parent. There is no father.
  7. My question is simply whether the 3-5 business days is correct or not?
  8. Assuming a successful interview, I have read that the experiences of many VJ readers indicate an average of 3-5 business day turn around time for passports to be returned to the visa applicant. This is NOT an academic question.
  9. I have nothing but sympathy for the ####### your fiance had to put up with. For my wife, the medical exam process was nothing as stressful as my I-130. They tell you it can take up to 90 days to reply. In my case, they sat on it until the 88th day, when I got a letter specifying more documents, which all had to be converted to a pdf format. The letter they wrote could have been sent hours after I submitted the petition. In fact, one of their requests involved a document I had already submitted! It ended with a threat - that if I didn't fully comply by September 12th, my petition would be denied. I considered such a response intimidation.
  10. Usually, it's the applicant wanting tom change the date, but how often might the IVU change the date?
  11. How long after the interview did you get your visa?
  12. Well, according to the embassy's website, it opens at 8AM and since her appt. is at 7::30AM and since she needs to pay the application fee prior to her interview, unless the payment office opens at 7AM or thereabouts, she won't make her interview. Is that right?
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