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  1. He have 3 kids but only claim 2 on his tax while his girlfriend claim the remaining one on her tax
  2. @Paul & Mary @JeanneAdil and others please enlighten me on this
  3. Missing information as how.. Please expantiate more on what you mean by missing information
  4. OK house thanks for your contribution so far. We finally got someone that us ready to be a joint sponsor.. He makes 38000$ in 2019.but the issue is he has a girlfriend that lives with him with 3 kids but he said he only claim 2 dependent out of tge 3 kids and his girlfriend claim the remaining one. Here is what I want the house to put me through 1, is it normal to claim 2 dependent when you have 3 kids 2. Claiming 2 dependent does that mean 3household 3. Is that income enough for 3 household It is hard to get a joint sponsor now and this is the only person that is ready to be our joint sponsor
  5. She work part time last year and still get benefit.. But currently she is no more working
  6. Which means I have to take all the joint sponsor provided to DHL.... What docs does the joint sponsor need to provide for us
  7. OK I need to know what the joint sponsor need to provide and how to submit it to tge embassy.. Do we have to upload it on ceac or I have to take it in person to DHL
  8. I submitted her SSA statement which show 21000$ and her transcript totalling 31000$
  9. She has always be getting benefits since 2014 not just now
  10. OK I hope he see this and she'd more light on it
  11. I thought as much and this is my fear but I submitter tax transcripts along with her SSA benefits to show that she still make 21000$ which is not included on the transcript because Is not taxable
  12. She makes 32000$ in 2019 which is more than the required income
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