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    09/17/2015 - Sent 1 130
    09/22/2015 - Received NOA 1
    11/09/2015 - Case transferred to potomac servicing center
    Now it states case received in my local office
    1 130 approved -03/02/2016
    Received DS-261 / AOS Bill : 2016-03-19
    Pay AOS Bill : 2016-03-19
    Submit DS-261 : 2016-04-02
    Receive IV Bill : 2016-04-07
    Pay IV Bill : 2016-04-11
    Send AOS /IV Package : 2016-04-18
    Filled DS 260 form - 2016 -04-20
    Case Completed at NVC : 2016 -05 -20
    Received interview letter - 2016 -05-26
    interview - 2016-15-07
    Result - approved :-))))))))))))

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  1. I did not send it when i sent my application . Can I do it now ?
  2. how to register to receive notifications through email / Test ?
  3. How to have this option set up - text and email ? is there a form that needs to be completed and sent to uscis ?
  4. How are you keeping track of cases ? Is there an website where this can be checked ?
  5. If you have filed jointly and for removal of conditions you are called for a interview and he does not turn up it could be an issue . I would suggest get a lawyer
  6. Sorry to hear about your situation Did you file your application jointly ? I mean did your husband sign the application ? You can always remove conditions using a divorce waiver establishing the marriage was entered in good faith . Lot of people have removed their conditions successfully even after they got divorced If you get divorced then you cannot apply for citizenship using the 3 year rule you can apply after 5 years of being a permanent resident
  7. Do they actually keep extending a conditional greencard for so many years ? Does this really happen?
  8. He is eligible to work so he can apply for any job . It is mentioned in the extension letter
  9. That is why it is a little confusing as to why they are quoting about the bio metrics in the 18 month extension letter for someone who had earlier received the 12 month extension . May be it is just the way the letters are drafted
  10. Hi The new 18 month extension letter also has details of bio metrics requirement . Does this mean we would have to go through another bio metric ?Can someone clarify i am confused ?
  11. Received my 18 month extension letter today
  12. I received my 18 month extension letter today
  13. you need to pay the fees and the biometric fees