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  1. Hey guys, Now that my wife is a citizen, we want to apply for her parents to come over. The I-130 only lists her birth certificate as proof of relationship for her mom's application and that plus marriage certificate if she applies for her dad. Will her parents need their birth certificates for anything else immigration related later? or Police reports? Health exams? I remember with the K-1 visa she came on, there were a lot more documents required?
  2. We're still waiting too. In the meantime we filed N400 three weeks ago and already got biometrics done for that. I wonder if the two applications were already merged...
  3. June 1st update. Case transferred and new office has jurisdiction. Hopefully this will speed it up
  4. Sorry, I'm sure this was addressed before.. Wife came to the US on a K1, married May 20th 2016. Green Card says Resident Since: 8/30/2016 I was under the impression we can file for her citizenship exactly 3 years after marriage date, but online application asks for "Resident Since" date. What do we enter?
  5. Received biometrics waiver dated 3/16. Nothing on myuscis website though, still says Case Received.
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