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  1. Gotcha, so household member instead of joint sponsor. But is it form i-846 or i-846A? Sorry, found it, joint sponsor would do an i-846, household member would do i-846A
  2. Hi guys/gals. I've searched the forum and found similar topics but still a little confused. My wife is petitioning for both her parents. She is a stay at home mom so doesn't earn any income for the last 4 years so she has no W2's. We always file taxes married jointly. 1. I assume she files i-864 as the petitioner/sponsor and I have to file i-864a as a joint sponsor? 2. when counting household size, there's my wife, myself, 2 kids. That's 4. Do we add 1 to every application for her mom and/or dad? add 2 to every application? Any answer would be really appreciated.
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