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  1. Hey. What happened with your interview? I am also a combo applicant and still do not know whether Buffalo processes both I 751 and n400 at the same time or not

  2. Nope. I see all these recent EAC updates here and they kind of give me hope. (Especially people saying that they got their 10-yr green card in the mail without any update in the USCIS system.) But nothing that I can tell has happened with my I-751 yet. I saw somewhere on the USCIS site that they have 120 days to issue an N-400 decision after the interview (someone above says the same for the 751; I don't know for a fact, but it might be a general self-imposed rule after any interview has taken place?), so I have a reminder in my calendar for mid-May. Hopefully that's the outer limit of how long I will need to keep waiting.
  3. Nothing promising to report, but just to add one more EAC experience: my number starts with EAC18067**** and there has not been any movement on it since April 2018 when apparently my file was received at my "local office." I have no idea where that actually is, but apparently not MY town where I just went for a citizenship interview ten days ago (I applied online in early September, as I was eligible in terms of timeline). The interviewing officer told me he can't make a decision on the N-400 until he has reviewed and adjudicated the I-751, which he just recently requested to be sent to him! From where, he did not tell me. I had also called the national USCIS number to try to locate the file before the interview and see if the two cases have been merged yet, since I read on the dual-filers thread here that what ultimately happened to me is a common occurrence and was trying to be proactive and "help" the authorities with the process. The two people I spoke with there also refused to tell me where the file actually is. I found the whole mystery about the location so strange unless it is because someone made a mistake and sent my file somewhere not "local" at all.
  4. Just an update from my N-400 interview yesterday. Sadly, it was NOT a combo interview and the officer told me right away at the beginning that due to the open I-751 he would not be able to issue a decision regardless of the substance of our conversation. But at least he did perform the full interview. He seemed to suggest that I shouldn't have even sent in a N-400 application, but when I said "Really, you are saying that's not allowed? I didn't realize that." he didn't actually state that it isn't allowed. So I don't know what to make of that. (I am doing all the filings by myself -- have never used a lawyer.) At the very end of the interview he divulged that he has requested my I-751 file, but didn't tell me from where even though I asked. I don't understand what the big secrecy about that is -- it was the same when I called the help line a couple of weeks ago and tried to find out. He did say it's not impossible to be called in for another interview if there are any questions when he gets the I-751. Ugh. So now I am in this same limbo as before -- basically everything seems to be held up by the I-751 in my case.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I am worried about the combo aspect -- I haven't received any information about my I-751. It's interesting you did. And congratulations again!
  6. Hi, @Ambassador87 - I see you just updated your timeline. Congratulations on the approval! If you have the chance, could you share more about your interview experience? I have mine tomorrow (1/17) and am most worried about the local office not having the I-751 application. In your case did you know in advance what the status of that was?
  7. I'd also think there should be info about I-751 in the citizenship interview appointment letter, but I don't think there is in any of the cases I have read about on this thread. Even when the files are with the same office and a combo interview takes place successfully, I don't believe the applicants are informed of the merge in advance. Anyone whose experience suggests otherwise?
  8. Thanks for this. I just called -- and my goodness! No more clarity after talking to two people (second one was the "immigration officer"), just an hour of my life I am never getting back. Basically I asked what "local office" my I-751 application file is currently at to confirm whether it is the same one where my N-400 interview will take place in a couple of weeks. The IO went around and around telling me "it's at your local office," never able to confirm which town that is in. (There are two nearby; my green card interview was in one a few years back, while the citizenship interview is scheduled to be at the other.) So disappointing...
  9. I don't believe there is any difference in the application process itself. If you are asking whether there is a difference in how each type is processed / whether it takes a different average amount of time, I have no idea. You can review the thread I was talking about and see whether the postings there give you an answer. ETA: I guess what the person replying above said is true, but this thread is for RoC specifically so I assume everybody participating is in the same scenario.
  10. The way I interpreted it is that the petitioner was interviewed not for I-751 (the removing of conditions), but for the initial granting of the permanent residency. As opposed to having gotten THAT status with the interview waived, as I think many people do if they had an overseas K-1 interview. That's just my informed but unprofessional opinion.
  11. I don't know about receiving it, but I applied online for N-400 on September 10 and just got a text message this week that I have an interview scheduled (probably mid-January, though I have to wait to get the official letter for the exact date). As we all know on this thread, there is next to no movement on the I-751 front. My personal assessment is that if you are in general planning to apply for citizenship at some point there is only a benefit in applying now (esp. filing online) and not waiting. I made my decision also based on looking at the thread of combined I-751 and N-400 filers where many people seemed to get interviews due to their N-400 applications within about 4 months of submitting them.
  12. DeKi

    Buffalo Field Office

    You might want to visit this forum: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/651896-n-400-and-i-751-combo-pending. Nothing in my browsing of the discussions suggest the two applications impact each other negatively. If anything, in many cases people get a combined I-751 and N-400 interview, which is fine by me since I have to travel to Buffalo for that. Good luck!
  13. DeKi

    Buffalo Field Office

    Buffalo is my closest office but I just filed my N-400 online, so not sure how this is going to be dealt with. I also have a pending I-751 but have never heard that one affects the other. (Not saying it doesn't -- I just have no clue and have never heard that.) So I am curious who exactly you spoke with that told you this. Could you please give more information?