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  1. @prenouveau I really hope so. Interviews at this point are such a waste of time. Now that they're backlogged I really don't know what they'll do. If they hold all the interviews (and biometrics) they'll have twich as much the backlog. They should approve us and that's it. So frustrating that people who filed MUCH later then us already have their GC in hand. This agency is disgusting
  2. @prenouveau I remember you guys were transferred to MSC like me. Did you hear anything from them? Any interview notification? I still haven't heard anything... Just case was transferred.....
  3. Hi! Did you get transferred from Vermont? If yes, when and after how long after they transferred you did they schedule your interview? Thanks
  4. @TheKingmaker @VeVe @prenouveau Did you guys get interview for your AOS? Maybe that is why they transferred us. I called a TIER 2 officer yesterday and he told me "transferred for regular processing, maybe interview we don't know"... which is quite ridiculous because if they don't know why I was transferred how can I know?.... the joke continuous...
  5. Me too. I got transferred to NBC but I haven't filed my N400 yet. I wonder if it's really to speed up the process or to schedule an interview... some people get interviews, some others not...
  6. I honestly don't know. Most CR-1 were transferred to Nebraska for an interview. K1 are not usually scheduled for an interview, so far at least.
  7. Not necessarily. I also noticed on the case tracker that many cases after mine (bio march 2019) have been approved already and they were not transferred. On friday they approved 5 people after me. It's frustrating because they're supposed to go in the order they receive cases, instead it's lottery-like. Who gets pulled from the shelf gets approved. I would have never thought that dealing with the USCIS would be such a nightmare.
  8. My timeline is there. Received on 2/8/19 and biometrics in March 2019. Radio silence since then. You would expect more from this "super power" called US. Whatever.
  9. So true. They are embarrassing and ridiculous. People who applied months later have already gotten approved. People who applied in December 2018 are still waiting. At the 18th month if I'm still waiting I'll sue them. This is not even a backlog, they don't have any logic in how they deal with the whole process. At the end of the day, they might send you RFEs, interviews, double interviews but if they don't have anything real to use against you you will receive your 10 GC anyway so why even bother with this whole process. This agency is a joke, period.
  10. It is VERY SMART to get a valid, unexpired form of ID no matter what. You live in the US, get a state ID even if you waste the whole day. You should have done this 3 years ago.
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