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  1. I ended up sending the lawyer a very lengthy and stern email. He immediately replied and back tracked with a lot of what he originally said. This was his reasoning behind his "this could cause you a problem" comment: "All I meant was that the government are only interested in seeing that the marriage was "bona fide" which of course it was. So we do everything we can to show that. And once they make that decision then you both get on with your lives. If the application doesn't make a good showing they could deny it for lack of evidence. And then if one day you decide you want to bring someone over again - whatever you feel now, you might one day - that would cast a real shadow over the whole thing for you." He also said that he doesn't need my current address, my old address is fine. This is a huge relief for me. And he said he apologizes for my ex husband constantly contacting me...that now he (the attorney) would now contact me directly for anything else they need..........even though I said in the email that I have provided everything I can and no longer want to be a part of this. I have blocked my ex husbands number and so has my mother, so at least I won't be getting his calls/texts anymore. He has until 07/30 to submit his ROC application so I am hopeful things will finally be over for good. I want to once again give a huge thank you to everyone who commented and sent me private messages. It's so beautiful to see strangers support each other
  2. Thank you so much everyone!!! I will admit I have cried after reading all of your comments. I guess ultimately I am a pushover and do genuinely wish him the best but have finally reach my limit. Since I haven't been answering his phone calls his lawyer just emailed me the following " It is very important to get this right - if it looks at all suspicious, then it might cause you problems in the future since you petitioned for your husband. Thats why I have to be very careful with everything we give them." I feel like they are trying to threaten me into giving them the information they need. For now I am going to stand my ground. I just feel really attacked right now. How would me not giving them my current address look suspicious? And what exactly is he trying to say will happen to me? Thank you again to everyone with your support. It's nice to be assured that I am not crazy for feeling harassed and taken advantage of.
  3. Hi, I am the USC. Ex husband and I got married in December 2014, moved to US in July 2016, separated in May 2017 and got the divorce finalized in April 2018 . There were many reasons why the marriage didnt work out but mainly he started developing anger issues, was emotionally abusive, and I found out he was doing drugs. He oftentimes told me that moving to the US with me was a huge mistake, that he hated living here, hated his job, etc. After the divorce finalized he told me he was applying for his permanent green card and needed all the documents I had saved throughout our marriage as evidence. I honestly wish him them best and have tried my best to help him out as much as I could. I even wrote and signed a letter about how we entered the marriage in good faith and things just didnt work out. After we got separated I moved into my own apartment, when he found out where I lived he would often show up unannounced to "see the cats". It all made me really uncomfortable so I decided to move again and made sure not to tell anyone except for my mother. He is now calling my mother and I nonstop saying that he needs my new address (which means he again showed up at my old apartment) for the I-751 and it's "the least I could do" since I am making him go through this entire process. Does he really need my address? I don't want to be a bad person and be the reason his ROC is denied, but I am also really tired of him basically harassing me for things he needs and really dont want him to know where I live. I might just be paranoid but I also deep down feel like is capable of doing anything and just want to feel safe where I live. I know I will probably get a lot of hate from this post but hopefully someone could offer some insight.