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  1. If you didn't work in 2018 but for only 1 month, how do you have paystubs of many months? The bigger issue is if you're a dependent of someone else then you are putting on paper so-to-say that you are financially supported by your parent. Hence, you are not able to prove you support yourself and wouldn't be able to prove you can support your spouse. In which case you'd need a sponsor.
  2. Hi Yalda, glad to see you around here... I remember you from the K-1 process. I sent our package using FedEx to the Sky Harbor Circle address.
  3. This does help indeed, thank you for responding! Quick quest, did they take their green cards or they're allowed to keep them with the stamp?
  4. Thanks!! It's 18 mos. from the date the green card expires. They received our packet last Friday, 1/25/19.
  5. Hi there, came across this post, hoping either of you are still around to provide an update. Did you ever receive the extension letter for your dependents? If so, did you have to call in and request it or was it sent automatically at a later date? Thanks!
  6. Hi there, came across your post, hoping you're still around to provide an update. Did you ever receive the extension letter for your stepdaughter?
  7. Yes, it's the California Service Center. Our receipt number starts with WAC.
  8. OMG, the letter is the extension letter! Wow!! That was sooo fast!! They received our packet last Friday. But yes, nothing for my two stepsons. So I'll probably be calling in on Monday and see what they say about that.
  9. OMG I'm in shock friends!!! The letter that came in the mail today from USCIS is my wife's extension letter!! Indeed it's an 18 month extension. I'm sooo happy right now! The only little bad news is that only one letter came for my wife and nothing for my two stepsons. So Monday morning I'll probably be calling in to see about theirs.
  10. If it is the extension it would be totally awesome but either one works lol I'm just worrying if my stepsons should have had something addressed to them as well.
  11. True, either would be great anyways. What about my stepsons though? They were included in the ROC filing... Should they have gotten something addressed to them as well?
  12. Hi guys, even tho I'm a January 2019 filer, I'm looking for a little insight... Received a USPS informed delivery email this morning with an image of a letter from USCIS arriving today. Not sure what it could be... Is it just a hardcopy confirmation that the ROC package was received and assigned a case/receipt number? I can't imagine it would be the extension letter since I've been reading those are really delayed.  To add... Is it too early to start worrying that I only saw one letter addressed to my wife and there is nothing for my two stepsons? ROC pkg delivered to USCIS on 1/25, text confirmation on 1/29 and check cashed 1/30. Any comments are welcome 🙂