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  1. Huge congrats, all of us have been following your wait...so happy for the both of you!!!
  2. You’re probably stuck with FedEx office, unless you can play with the scaling on the print screen and make it 80% or 90% and make it fit. You might want to check your printer drivers since there is a discrepancy between on screen and what comes out.
  3. Does it look correct on the print preview on screen before you send t to the printer?
  4. The form is a PDF, so when you print it there is an option to scale it by percentage or just say scale to fit page and it will fit. Greenbaum is the final authority n this stuff, but if it was me, I’d make sure the pages were complete as they show on the form just to be safe.
  5. We’re in exactly the same boat and also interviewing on Tuesday morning in Dublin. Mater hospital has told my fiancé that it’s common in Dublin for the medical to arrive after the interview. My fiancé spoke with a nurse on Friday and in our case they were waiting for one blood test to come back and that was hopefully coming Monday so we’ll see. She is just going to show up on Tuesday even if the medical is not ready. Worst case they’ll make her reschedule. Good luck with your interview!
  6. I think the confusion maybe because the NVC is part of the State Department, which is impacted. However, according to the agent, there was a meeting in the early afternoon today and all NVC employees were told that they are not impacted. Maybe there is an insider out there that can confirm. If anyone else called today, the initial recorded message stated they had a mid day shutdown today which I am assuming was for the meeting the agent referenced. I guess we’ll find out by calling on Wednesday.
  7. I just spoke with the NVC related to our K1 and in the conversation the agent shared that they were told today that the shutdown would not impact any processing at the NVC or embassies outside of the expected holidays for Christmas and New Year's.
  8. Good morning all, Got an email overnight that we are finally approved!!! Good luck to everyone still waiting! Our dates: Receipt date - 4/24/2018 NOA1 - 4/26/2018 RFE Mailed - 11/2/2018 RFE Received - 11/7/2018 NOA2 - 12/3/2018
  9. Thanks Greenbaum, absolutely agree. My concern to get my decree was that my divorce was more than 10 yrs ago, and in some cases it takes a week to get copies since they have to go to their off-site storage. Fortunately they had mine local, so assuming the RFE is what they said, and after reading it numerous times, hopefully be set. On a side note, Have you seen a Packet 3 for Dublin? I’ve checked the country specific page, but no details similar to what you’ve posted for other embassies. BTW, a huge thank you Greenbaum from all of here for your guidance and coaching.
  10. Cool...thank you for that, I guess I should have included the financial settlement docs as well. This is on my side, and being in the US, I'm hoping that a stamped copy from the court of the full decree should do it.
  11. OK, just chatted with Tier 2, and our RFE is related to insufficient documentation around marriage termination. This should be simple, as I am going to run to the courts and get the full divorce decree with the court's original stamp, and have that ready to send. With our application, I submitted a copy of the decree, but did not include the final settlement agreement which had the financial terms included since I didn't think that was relevant, but guess they want that. I did include a copy of the court's stamp in the package, but will just pay to get a full and new set from the courts. Is there anything else folks have run into, or other documentation I should be pulling together to support this?
  12. Hi all, Long time lurker here, and we just got an RFE after 190 days. Fingers crossed it’s something simple. At least they are still working through our April cases. As Greenbaum has said many times to folks, we’ll be reading it closely and only giving them what they ask for 😉. BTW, this was on the old site and app, no txts or update on the new site. Our dates: Receipt date - 4/24/2018 NOA1 - 4/26/2018 RFE Mailed - 11/2/2018 Good luck for everyone still waiting that you get a speedy NOA2!
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