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  1. san jose and ireland. former home and heritage. good luck

  2. Well it took over a week since our interview, but our status just updated to “New Card Is Being Produced”. Good luck everyone on a speedy interview and approval! 😁
  3. Quick question for folks who did their interviews already. Did you see any status change after Interview Scheduled and before New Card Being Produced? My wife and I had our interview last Friday and similar to @Nwoke it was very straight forward, however our status still says Interview Scheduled a week later.
  4. We got our letter that we are scheduled. In our case, they transferred our interview from San Francisco to San Jose. We're scheduled for February 7, which is much sooner than I expected. Now to start pulling our docs together. Thanks for the checklist @beloved_dingo !!!
  5. We'll take either. I was getting jealous of folks in OKC, etc. that had very short waits, and was looking into how to move our case out of SF, so a drive to either is very manageable. Still feel very lucky, and wish everyone else still waiting the same luck!
  6. Hey everyone, looks like we're one of the lucky ones as well, and our status changed to Interview Was Scheduled today. We're in the SF area, so we were expecting sometime in late 2020 or early 2021 to get scheduled based on their 17.5 - 21.5 month estimate. Let's see when they scheduled us for when the letter finally comes.
  7. Looks like we're in the same batch of folks with a status change. We're at Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview. Congrats everyone!
  8. Huge congrats, all of us have been following your wait...so happy for the both of you!!!
  9. You’re probably stuck with FedEx office, unless you can play with the scaling on the print screen and make it 80% or 90% and make it fit. You might want to check your printer drivers since there is a discrepancy between on screen and what comes out.
  10. Does it look correct on the print preview on screen before you send t to the printer?
  11. The form is a PDF, so when you print it there is an option to scale it by percentage or just say scale to fit page and it will fit. Greenbaum is the final authority n this stuff, but if it was me, I’d make sure the pages were complete as they show on the form just to be safe.
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