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  1. Yeah, I think you're right. I read the receipt notice and it says "this notice presented with your permanent resident card"... which I don't have so I guess I'll just have to go back and get the stamp in a year if I still don't have my new green card.
  2. Yes, it was very pain-free I was actually surprised. I only received my e-notification of receipt on the 11th but that didn't seem to be a problem. Before I even got a chance to explain I needed it for my new job, the guy already confirmed he would give me the extension stamp no problem. I took: - USPS delivery confimation -Receipt no from USCIS webpage - Photocopy of green card - My foreign passport - Drivers Licence That's all they looked at. They did take my finger prints to in his words check there are no arrest warrants against me. So they just confirmed my identity and ran a background check. I was in and out within 25 minutes. This was the Dallas office
  3. I had lost my GC so I just showed them a photocopy and they seemed fine with that.
  4. I’m very pleased and excited to say I got my stamp and it was a very pleasant and easy process. The gentleman just looked at my USCIS receipt number which I printed from that USCIS egov website someone else on here shared & I also had printed off the delivery confirmation I got from USPS. All he did was stamp my passport ... it’s valid for a year and he explained its valid for work and travel. It will not invalidate my extension letter that’s on its way. very happy! Oh and he also checked and said that my receipt notice was posted on the 10th.
  5. Does anyone know if it will be a problem that my British passport is in my maiden name not my married name? I plan to take our marriage certificate with me. I'm freaking out about everything right now *sigh*
  6. I have my infopass appointment today. It hasn't been 30 days but my GC is expired so I'm hoping they'll give me a stamp. My job have asked me to do fingerprinting and i-9 verification so I NEEEEEED this stamp!! *fingers crossed* I will definitely let you all know how it goes.
  7. I’m not sure what to do. I lost my green card within the 90 days before it expired so I couldn’t get a replacement I had to file for the ROC... so I’ve been offered a job and all I have is a photocopy of my expired GC (yes, it’s expired now 😞 ) and a social security card with the restrictions on it. I’m definitely not going to get the NoA letter any time soon so I guess I’ll just have to settle for the stamp? And then request another extension letter... is that what happens? This is so confusing.
  8. Why on earth do they make it so that the Stamp invalidates the GC and extension letter? Doesn’t that defeat the object of us needing the stamp while waiting for the extension letter.
  9. Yeah definitely not holding my breath at all. I have an info pass appointment on the 19th. It won’t have been 30 days but I’m hoping I’ll get someone kind enough to still give me the stamp!
  10. Update after they sent my package back rejected saying it was missing page 4 i resent it oct 5 it was delivered oct 8th and just now I got a text saying it’s been received & my NOA is in the mail. receipt # begins SRC? edit - check still hasn’t been cashed though
  11. Oh lol! I was hoping you’d say SS has restrictions but he was probably smart and got the restrictions removed when he got his green card *sigh* i got offered a job yesterday so Im stressing
  12. @vpalermo85 when you presented your ss card and DL does your ss card have the restrictions removed from it? Mine still has the “dhs work authorization” on it, so I’m guessing this wouldn’t work for me? My DL is valid until 2020
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