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  1. I just got an Email that my daughter (7yrs old) has been scheduled for interview on 16th February in Lagos. I want my brother to take her to the interview on my behalf. But I don’t know if they will allow him.
  2. Good day, Has anyone been able to request their tax transcript from IRS lately? I tried but was told to register. I was disabled and told to wait 24hrs. The other option which was form 4506 says I have to pay $50 per transcript. please is there another option?
  3. My IO did not made it comfortable for me. He had this mean look like he doesn’t want me here 😂😂 Thanks
  4. My interview was for 9:45am. I got there for 9:25am. Checked in. Did my finger print and by 9:30am I was called in. The IO asked for my green card only for me to realised it was in my car. He told me that he can’t conduct the interview with my green card. I told him can I go get it and he said yes that he will was for my by the door. I got it went in and gave it to him. He went straight to business. Asked my some questions (I can’t remember 5 but I recall the last one). How many senators does the US cabinet have. I said 9 he said WHAT I replied 100. Then he told me to read some words on a pad. Who can vote. then told me to write Citizen can vote. He asked me some few question about my N400 and I answered him. Seconds later gave me a paper to sign and another papers saying I was recommended for approval. I was in an out in before 9:45am. when I got to my car I got a notification saying oat will be scheduled. Its been a long draining process. Above all am happy.
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