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  1. Can anyone suggest who I can get in touch with because of this:

    I sent my paperwork in a year ago, December 6th with my proof that I was married here in the USA. Came down on a K1 ViSA in September 2015. 

    In January I went for my bio metrics.

    Then I heard nothing until July when, instead of an interview I guess, I was asked to send proof of my marriage along with signed affidavits, which I supplied.

    Have heard nothing since and am concerned.

    I applied for my SSN but the guy who did my paperwork did not know what he was doing and so put the paperwork in my husbands surname instead of in my own surname. I did not hear for a long time and then finally called the office where I applied. They could not find my paperwork. Told me to call again in a few weeks. I did and they said that Homeland Security had "no record of me". That was before my bio metrics so that was bull. They told me I could not reapply.

    So, now I have a car here with expired tags, and my drivers license has also expired. Cannot get either without a SSN.

    Does anyone know where I might go to see what is going on with my file? The package I sent in July was delivered. 

    1. sparkles_


      I think you need to pay a visit to your local congressional representative's office and bring all paperwork including the SSN stuff, and explain. They will work on your behalf to try and get the mess straightened out, because it sounds complicated for just a normal person to fix. It is their job to help you since you live in their district and they usually do get results, good luck!

    2. camerica


      Sorry for not replying sooner. And thanks. We did go to the rep. His assistant told me ( get this) that there is ONE person "working on all the files" and so that is the reason it take so long.So, I finally received an interview in March. And of course, we were hit with a travel ban that day and because our area in North Eastern PA got almost 4 feet of snow in 24 hours. All roads were closed. I was told when I called that I would get a letter in 2 weeks regarding my new appointment time. And yes, I did get a letter within 2 weeks telling me that I would get a letter as soon as an appointment time became available. SIX months later and yesterday we went for our interview. The woman was hateful. No "hello", no "how are you". Did not smile, did not ask my husband one question. Rhymed off the questions and asked for birth certificate, marriage license. Proof we live together (Deed for a home we bought together) At the end she asked me for my medical records and vaccination certificate. Now, I received an RFI back in July 2016 for more information. NEVER EVER ASKED OR TOLD that my medical records and vaccinations would be invalid after one year, (which in itself is a stupid rule)She did not tell me what I needed. She only said she would send me a letter telling me what I needed and once I did what she asked she would "Make my decision". No "don't worry" no "goodbye". She should not be working there! We watched other interviewers who came to the door and they all greeted folks with "hello'" and welcome smiles. Not this one. When I even joked that she was the first person to correctly pronounce my last name, she just kept walking towards her office. No "please follow me" no "sit down here please". Even when I was asked to look at the camera it was a "look here". No please, no thank you. Anyway, now I am at the mercy of this power hungry woman who will likely make me wait for the letter and for the "decision" simply because she can. Meanwhile my paroles ran out a year ago (of course they did because who waits 2 years for an interview!!) My Mom is 91 and I have not seen her in over a year. I guess it helps that she has dementia. I am so upset by all this. And guess what....no one at USCIS or SS care....

    3. camerica


      Ended up getting in touch with Washington. In less than 24 hours I had a new officer. Within 4 hours I was told that I did not need updated medical records. Two days later I received my approval notice. Seven days later I received my green card. Obviously someone realized that my file had been lost. So relieved. Two years with a 7 month gap between applying for adjustment and then after sending requested materials, wait another 7 months, had to cancel interview because of winter travel ban day of interview and then a wait of another 6 months was stressful to say the least. Note to others who may experience this. DO NOT call your rep's local office. Call the Washington office!


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