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  1. Thanks so much for the replies
  2. In short, are we still able to file hubs n400 considering everything that is going on with the covid19 shut downs? Literally just got my hands on the last thing needed and now who knows, I know in person things at immigration offices are suspended for now but that is 5-12mo away based on timelines. What about just filing? Worth it or wait? Hopefully someone here can clear it up.
  3. Thanks for the reply. We don’t want a waiver, my questions about that was due to something I’ve heard. If our income falls into the reduced 320$ fee bracket and we do NOT want to use the waiver, is this ok? Someone told me that this was required now, using the fee and waiver based on your income...that someone is actually another lawyer, but it doesn’t make sense. I know a waiver may seem like a nice money saver but I don’t feel like adding anymore extra scrutiny to his application if that makes sense. Can we proceed and just pay the full cost?
  4. Hey guys, So it’s time for us to file my husband’s N400. Looking for advice about using a lawyer or not....long of the short, husband had a Notice to Appear for deportation terminated and then was able to file AOS and got his 10y card. Was wondering if this is going to matter at all during the N400 process, affect the application in a negative way? We were thinking of filing without using a lawyer, since the removal was terminated and he has had no legal/criminal issues seeing as the forms are self explanatory. Or would it be advisable to retain a lawyer for this as well if having been in removal before will make issues? There is the option to use the same lawyer who handled his very complicated AOS. One more thing. Is it true that you MUST use the income based fee waiver ? Someone said this is legally required now, that N400 fees are based on a three level scale related to one’s yearly income. TIA everyone
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