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  1. You can always buy Skype credit as well.
  2. sparkles_

    Where to marry?

    A# should be on your first NOA you will get after filing the i485. I don't recall exactly where, but it is roundabouts the upper, left part of the notice along with name/DOB/receipt number. It is probably on your k1 NOA2 if you kept that, it also may be already written on your i94 from POE, but that isn't always done.
  3. sparkles_

    Where to marry?

    NC! I've been married twice here, both did not have SSNs at the time. They were told to fill in with all zeroes and show their passport. Married in Greensboro. Fairly sure you could make a border run to up to Charlotte and get the same results
  4. Got the same email today.....over a year after he got the GC!
  5. Go to court, it's not a big deal. Trust me, read my signature. We handled the notice to appear for something much more complicated and got it sorted out in time. Get a lawyer, so you don't make any other mistakes, and buckle up for a one year fix-it ride. The judge himself will probably handle your ROC at a merits hearing where you explain what happened. Or they close removal and let you re file ROC like normal. You guys problem is totally fixable just costly and annoying. Do NOT miss court.
  6. sparkles_

    Birth control?

    Depending on what state you will live in, you can order them online and do a video chat visit with a PA. They will be mailed to you, it is all legal if you live in the states that allow it. Here is the link. https://www.prjktruby.com/
  7. Your wife has been issued a Saudi passport, and your child now has a US passport.....they will be deported, or your daughter will and wife will follow by default....I think this is the situation, yes? Your need to pick a safe, third country for them, get a better or second job and send money for them monthly, and then you could possibly request an expedite with the help of a lawyer or your congressman. I stress the fact that you should be more worried about financially supporting them in the waiting time for your wife's visa versus expedite since even that takes months. The daughter should get a consulate birth abroad birth certificate which makes her a US citizen by default. Are you saying her guardian is refusing to let her leave KSA? Or you're saying KSA is about to send them out of the country with little warning? If you just have a short time and you're panicking about setting your wife and child up in another country, honestly, it is the better of the two. Oman or UAE seem logical. If you're having a guardian issue then the government can't really help you, you would need someone inside Saudi with a lot of wasta to convince her father/brother/whoever to let her leave.
  8. sparkles_

    Need advice

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say her fiance is possibly a Mexican national. In that case, yes, they get a consular ID card along with their passport at the same time. This could be what she meant by making an ID card when he got the passport. Did her overstay a visit visa? Or just cross without inspection.....that will make a world of difference.
  9. I'll second what someone asked before but didn't get a reply...... what is the age difference between you and your spouse, please? Listen, as much as you want things to go by the rules, there are no hard/fast rulings for USCIS. IOs have a good bit of freedom when it comes to denying or approving. Our lawyer actually told my husband and I that we were lucky we didn't have a 'looks disparity', and matched well in that department......she said little things like this can be the tipping point into denial for the right one.
  10. Did your wife admit she was married on her housing application or report the marriage to whoever needed (pretty sure you have to report family changes), or is she lying about her marital status as well in order to keep the housing assistance?? Seems like this could come back to haunt you guys in a few ways including immigration.
  11. I feel like there is some other thing going on with this like EWI. Especially since you guys have been married for a while, your lawyer should push for termination of removal proceedings and after, remand to USCIS for AOS. Did he enter without inspection? My husband was technically arrested (detained) and released by ICE in 2 hours for overstaying, without anything having been approved. We had been married a month or two, and although it did take 2.5yr, he never had to opt for voluntary departure/601. He was released with no bond and no check in order. Just wait for a court date in the mail. Our lawyer took the approved i130 to the immigration court judge and requested termination of removal, it was granted. The immigration court pended his case in 6mo blocks until approval happened, so we went 3x total.
  12. Agree. My ex husband, the only mention of it was the officer making a small joke and saying, "You've been here a while, haven't you?" Also FWIW, my ex husband WAS a criminal, for misdemeanor theft, and he still got the GC with zero issues. OP's guy will most likely be fine if they marry and file AOS, that is my two cent.
  13. Maybe if he is some sort of criminal, but just a normal person who overstayed a visa, marrying a citizen, it would be rare. What you mean is he could be put into removal, which is not common either but not unheard of. My ex husband overstayed by like....13 years. He got his GC in less than a year, but this was a decade ago.
  14. sparkles_

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    In French it is called "passing military service", that is the term and verbiage you are most likely thinking of.