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  1. I have used some of the tools here before, but I was wondering what some of the veterans are saying... NVC got all required documents on January 21, 2020 for my wife's spousal visa from Philippines. Any estimates here as to when we might expect NVC to issue an appointment? Any estimates as to WHEN an interview may take place? Also I will be moving (I have been in my current place for 2 years) on May 22nd to a new state and home. Should/Can my wife update this new address at the interview OR.....at the port of entry with the USCIS officers? I do not want her to miss out on getting the greencard in a timely manner. Thanks
  2. Im going to visit them tomorrow. Last year my accountant screwed up the state return and put single, so that may have been why this was not an issue. May need to amend that, As far as this form, I am at the point of saying screw it. It is not crucial and not even needed potentially.
  3. it just seems bizarre that the IRS could compel a foreigner in a foreign land with no social or TIN who has never yet stepped foot in the US to file a return. God, I hate our tax system
  4. Only issue is if you and I (both seasoned tax pros I am sure lol) look at the IRS rule 555 it has so many exceptions. But it would seem to me if one is regarded as an NRA...it would trump all other issues.
  5. Hello all Ok, so my Filipina wife is in the last states of her spousal visa debacle and hopefully will arrive this summer. We have never filed jointly. Always MFS. No kids. I live in New Mexico (a community prop state) and last year filed with no issues. This year HR Block is shoving some form 8958 community property form to me. It is for us both etc etc. I read the IRS site and it gives some exceptions for NRA, then contradicts them. So, in general if she is treated as a NRA for tax purposes, am I compelled to file an 8958? Thanks
  6. Awesome thanks! She is looking forward to the buffets ha
  7. Oh no...I meant can I file MFJ with her *no longer MFS) for the 2019 tax season after she gets her SSN this year?
  8. Hello Ok, so NVC has my wife's documents and according to everyone she should have her Manila interview in March or April. This means I wil fly her here by May. Now, it can take a few months to get the greencard. I have been wanting to take her on a closed loop cruise and would love to in June or July. I have read conflicting info. Can she go on a cruise and be allowed back into the country without any issues? Cruise line has no clue.
  9. Ok so my wife and I have been married for 6 years and she is overseas. I have petitioned her and she should be here in US by summer 2020 on a spousal. I have always filed MFS, as she has no TIN or SSN and it was the advice I was given. no kids. Now, I will owe a few thousand this year but I wondered if I got an auto extension till October 15 could I wait until my wife arrives and gets her SSN and file MFJ? Even though she was not a SSN holder in 2019? It is about a $2000 difference, so I am checking. Thanks
  10. Ok, so I am jumping the gun, but all indications are my wife will be here in America in a few months on her 10 year perm greencard (IR). So, she is an only child, which is uncommon in the PH, and her mom and dad are not in the best health and there are few to look after them. And yes, I am aware we can hire a nurse etc. That is not the point. Her dad is a retired National Police Officer with a pension of about $500 + USD a month, mom nothing. My wife and I outright bought a house and lot, which the wife owns fully, in Metro Manila, and her parents reside there at no cost. We (I) also send a bit of money every month to help with extra costs. My wife and I are interested in bringing her mom and dad (about 62 years old each) to the US. What would the difference be with my wife bringing them as a perm resident vs my wife waiting 3 years until she is an American citizen and them bringing them to live in the USA? We have also looked at a 10 year multiple entry tourist visa. Any constructive advice is welcome in regards to bringing her parents over one way or another in regards to things such as finances, financials, etc etc. I know of a few Filipinas who have brought parents over.
  11. Sorry if I am being a pain today, but could not find any good info on this. My wife (spousal IR visa) is having her interview in the next few months in Manila (I assume). I am at a job and will be moving back to my home state by late May and will secure a new long term house and job. I am currently at the house/mailing on the USCIS NVC docs. I am concerned about a potential greencard being lost in the mail (with an upcoming move), this really concerns me, especially since they can potentially take months to print and get. So my question is this: Lets say she has an interview in March and gets the visa. I would not fly her here until June and once I have the new house rented. Do I have the option to pay for and request her greencard AFTER she has arrives in the USA? By doing so, an updated and valid mailing address would be provided so no risk of the gC being lost. Any info appreciated
  12. Do IR Spousal visa get a I94 stamp upon arrival in the US? Do IR spousal visa get an I551 stamp upon arrival? Can the I551 be used in place of a greencard to do things such as apply for jobs?
  13. Thanks. So assuming they get all docs and 2 weeks later would be lets say Feb 5th or so, it would be rational to expect an interview date of around April?
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