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  1. Hired an attorney and at the 4 month mark, yes. General question is more about the timeline.
  2. So, we filed the petition for my with with Nebraska. It says 11.5-15 months. So, worst case is December. So (if this is the case) what would be the next step? They send a NOA2...is that the petition approval? I KNOW they will want her police check from when we lived in China. I hired a Chinese American law firm, but they may only be able to collect documentation that the police were unwilling to issue the clearance. Will this documentation be requested at that time, or just bring it to the Embassy interview? Also, typically once the NOA2 is issued....what is the next step and general timeframe? Thanks Spousal visa, no children.
  3. I have been trying today to check my status. Had worked for months. Now, nothing. Someone check to see if they can please?
  4. Just looking for some good news. Got my NOA1 in September 2018, still nothing yet. Anyone recently get their spousal visas from the US Embassy in Manila? Timeframe, experience? Thanks
  5. From what I have been told it is needed at the Embassy interview. Either way, it is needed.
  6. Yeah she is going for sure. And believe me I would be willing to pay any amount to grease the wheels in China. I would assume the lawyer would know these things. Fingers crossed. China has varied laws depending on the city. If we lived in Shanghai or Peking, no problem. ANywhere else...SOL
  7. So, my wife needed to secure a Chinese Criminal Check (we lived there for my job for 3 years). I finally hired a good (reviews said was good) Chinese/American law firm that does this. $2000 to process it. Lovely. China has horrible policies and it seems now we are unlikely to get a criminal check. The lawyer is compiling all documents to this effect to show every action was taken to secure one. It will need to be shown when she goes for her Spousal Visa interview at some point. We filed in September. My immigration guy says we should see action by August 2019 to December 2019. Nebraska Center. Manila Embassy. i am incredibly paranoid that some embassy official with deny her because of that unobtainable check. It keeps me up at night. We have spent, like many here, years apart early on, then lived together as husband and wife, only now to be apart again. I hope and pray that they will accept the documents and not demand the check, which is impossible to get. If so, our lives would be ruined beyond belief.
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