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  1. With an accounting degree and work experience in accounting, my husband didn't get any responses for any accounting type jobs when he came here. He applied for an overnight stocker at a groceyr store here, and while hard work, he did that for 3 years before being promoted to a day time lead role. He actually makes more than me and I'm a manager at one of the stores. My husband and I make about 70k working in a grocery store for about 4 years now (pretty sure year one was 25k, to 35k to 50k to 68k, all due to raises and promotions), we're both eyeing corporate positions in the company when the times right, as my husband has a degree and I'm earning mine. This will mean each of us will make what we make combined right now. Weirdly enough working a grocery store has been a blessing in disguise and I don't see either of us leaving the company until we retire. While the last few weeks have been insane, we never had to worry about a loss of income.
  2. For things like that, that are pushed out so quickly that there most likely wasn't a human behind your application, but a computer system that verified your info. The system is assuming you are truthful because I'm sure at some point it makes you agree that everything you are typing is correct and to the best of your knowledge, and then it probably simply confirmed your SSN in the data base. Since you filed as single, and your spouse and child don't have an SSN, the system wouldn't have known anything was incorrect because it wasn't given that information. It would have just agree'd that yes, you say you are single and yes that is an SSN of a single person with no depedants.
  3. Yeah, any date changes mean they're at least looking at the case. Think of it as, every time they type in or click your case number and it brings up your file, every time they close that file and move on to another it "updates" the case. What they are doing when they are looking, who knows, but at least they're checking up on your case.
  4. There won't be any online updates until a case processor actually opens up your documents. In this case, your mail was signed for and now it needs to go to the proper people. Them just receiving the documents at their location isn't enough to have an update done in the system, someone actually needs to go ahead and scan it in, and THEN send it to someone who is going to review it. Personally, with all of this going on and knowing that they are lightly staffed, I would give it until the middle of next week.
  5. Yep. Ours was crazy fast. Our only hitch was in K-1 with me not working, we ended up having a total of three I-134's. Mine as the primary, my mother as joint-sponsor 1, and a friend as joint sponsor 2. My mother made over the income requirement, but the CO just didn't feel okay with my not working at the time, so asked for another one. Past that hitch, AOS took two and a half months, and ROC took about a year but was still one of the first ones out of our bunch to get pushed through.
  6. My husband paid for his K1 and AOS since I was not working at the time and he was providing for me. We both paid for ROC because we are both working and we share our money. If I had been working I would have 100% helped out, I don't consider it -his- immigration. I consider it our family coming together. Living together with extra steps. If it were me and I was told that it were -my- immigration therefore it's all on me, I would take a step back for sure. It would make me believe my SO felt that immigration my burden to hold alone and that I may be wanting to immigrate for other reasons.
  7. We did not interview for AOS or ROC and we did not go for N-400 yet. I can't see much of rhyme or reason as to why we didn't get any interview other than maybe we had an overabundance of proof both times. /shrug
  8. Agree'd. We have states that aren't taking this seriously. The curve was flattened due to serious measures taken in those other places. With the states picking and choosing how they want to deal with it, it's causing things to take longer. The Texas Gov said "Well we don't need to force things on everyone because only 54 out of 200+ counties have it", but the cities in Texas that do have it are openly not enforcing the stay at home rule. People aren't getting pulled over, shoo'd, nothing that is causing people to stay home. They just made it so if you are traveling from certain states into Texas you have to 14 day quarentine, but at the same time, the roads aren't being watched. The city said everyone could go to the parks, but no playgrounds, so... everyones at the park. Then the cities going what? wait. No! Not like that, we meant if you wanted to go on a jog do that, not take your whole family of 4 to the park! I'm a manager at a grocery store and we still have people making trips for chex mix and soda. People still doing their twice a week shopping because that's what they've always done. It's insane. One employee posted on our intranet page saying that they were told to keep going to work in the stores if their daughter tested positive as long as they don't show symptoms (even though this can be asymptomatic). They are in Houston. Blue Cross Blue Shield told them this. They don't feel comfortable with it but they don't want to have to choose between income and no income. So while some states are flattening the curve, others are not. For something overall like Immigration, it's going to take a heavy majority of the states to flatten the curve overall, but at this rate I wouldn't expect to see an overall change until June/July at the earliest.
  9. Unless you filed via mail, there is no check. It'll be direct deposited in the account you used for 2018 or 2019 tax returns. This is a stimulus for legal US tax payers. If you are a legal US tax payer, then you will be included as an adult as long as you filed taxes. "Who won’t get a check? The main people excluded from receiving a payment are the wealthy, “nonresident aliens” (i.e., foreigners who do not hold a green card) and “dependents” who can be claimed on someone else’s tax return." https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/business/coronavirus-stimulus-check-calculator/ Also unless things have changed in the last year, ROC doesn't ask for financial information or run a check on you for benefits. The taxes they want to see is mainly for financial commingling proof.
  10. Note that sometimes the DMV sites are wrong too or at least not updated frequently. Ours showed the I-797 was accepted, but the lady at the DMV turned her screen to show us that the NOA wasn't an option to pick to use as proof to obtain a DL or ID. We ended up waiting until my husband had his GC to persue it, bringing in the "accepted documents" paper meant nothing because their screen didn't allow them to input what was suppose to be accepted.
  11. I agree that it sounds like there was a second RFE sent. Moving while applications are in process are one of the top reasons people get denied because they either didn't update their new address or even if they did USCIS didn't update the new address and then sent RFE's to the old one. It also sounds like a lot of the proof was financial related but not necessarily proof of living together, which could have been what the second RFE was for.
  12. I believe you can still get a new one, but I'm unsure how I think you have to go to your countries embassy in the US. Each state differs. My husband got his DL when he got his first green card in 2016 and the expiration is 2022 when the green card expired in 2018. I don't know if the Real ID will just line up with the current green card though, but I would be very curious if the state will allow the use of the I-797 to extend the green card status. When my husband went for his green card the first time while AOSing, even though Texas lists a I-797 for pending AOS application as proof of residency, the lady at the DMV said she couldn't enter the I-797, it either had to be a I-515 (stamp), green card, or EAD.
  13. You can always try for a physical B-2 visa, chances of that are probably low because you have already entered the country, applied for AOS and then abandoned it, so you have established immigrant intent without question, but realistically your best route will be Spousal Visa.
  14. Oh no worries! I figured you didn't, I was asking the person I had quoted. And yeah that's the only downside is that it seems that the people in the call centers and online services are a lot more ridged than those in person. I hope it all gets worked out for ya'll, but if it becomes too much of a hassle I would recommend doing what others said and just opening up an account with another bank. USAA is great, don't get me wrong, but at least to get you started it may be easier to start with another bank.
  15. Did you do it at the bank itself on I-10? It seems we have a far easier time in person than on the phone or out of Texas. I'm going with consistency issue for sure.
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