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  1. Nothing is going on with USCIS. They sent out biometric waivers in mass to almost anyone who had a case processing by Feb 2019. This was done in the thousands and as far as we can tell, there wasn't a case that didn't get it unless they had already done biometrics or were a newer case. If you pulled case numbers from around our time frame you'll find that MOST of them recieved waivers within the week of Feb 27th. There had been many delays and it's possible that sending out the waivers in mass was their way of saying "don't worry we're working on your case" when in reality they weren't. What did you send initially? The goal is always to bury them with paperwork and proof as long as it's not useless or repetitive, it's best to leave no doubt in their minds when you send things to them.
  2. Please note that every case is different. Not all are approved simply because they did their biometrics. It's possible that those peoples cases were pending approval and needed new biometrics to be approved, but it's also possible that you case just needs new biometrics to continue processing into the next stage, be that RFE, approval, or interview scheduling. As long as your case is in normal time, then don't worry.
  3. They can't give you any information on approval or denial until they do the I-751 interview. So you won't get any updates on the N-400 until your I-751 interview and it's approval or denial.
  4. Please understand that no one is trying to bash Ghana or say it's awful or anything. When people are saying your national country has an impact it's because Ghana is considered a high fraud country to immigration. No matter what we think or believe it doesn't matter, it matters what the officer standing in front of you believes and is told to believe. In your case, you come from a statistically high fraud country based on statistics from the US government and nothing else, and you provided pictures in which you said you were photographed by a professional photographer doing "things normal couples do", and honestly if you said that to the officer, that probably didn't help your case. A lot of people here will speak in the same ideals and concepts that you would get from an immigration officer. There's something you will learn in your immigration journey and that is: Proof matters more than love and how you feel. Without ample proof, love doesn't matter. There are people who go ahead and get a joint bank account solely because that's something USCIS considers as strong proof for CR-1/AOS/ROC, even if it's not something they want to do in their personal relationship. Sometimes we all have to make concessions to get to our end goal. And how you feel about your country doesn't matter if USCIS disagrees. Overall I would recommend getting married and going for CR-1.
  5. You don't receive an NOA until your check clears, that should take up to a month. They go hand in hand. For example, when there was a backlog, ours was received May 10th, but our NOA wasn't until June 7th when they processed the check, which cleared through a few days later.
  6. Was lease, tax returns, car insurance, and travel documents all you sent in? If so that's skirting some lines and most wouldn't consider it enough to completely satisfy an officer, would have expected an RFE for financial commingling for sure. Lease shows you live together which is good, tax returns just show you filed together with is okay, car insurance can be done with any person regardless of the relationship so it's meh alone but stronger with other insurances or bills, and travel documents are meh. The top hitters for proof are joint financial accounts like credit cards and bank accounts from the inception of marriage, multiple things showing same address like drivers license, bills, pay stubs. They also like to see joint health insurance, wills, power of attorney, beneficiaries on 401k and/or stock plans, any kind of joint loans. With that said, just send out anything new or anything else you can think of. Not like you'll get denied, but the more you send you may up your chances at not having an interview.
  7. Okay ya. Thank you! As I started to like type it I put my self in a circle and then later realized, what a second the extension letter doesn't have anything to do with a stamp!
  8. @missileman I don't know if you can, but could you give more clarification? It's implied that the 18 month extension extends the physical green card by 18 months from the green cards expiration date, but it does NOT extend a I-551 stamp another 18 months at the stamps expiration date? So in this case the OP received the 18 month extension like everyone else, but they were already one stamp in because their ROC started in Nov 2016. Their received their I-551 stamp in Nov 2017, and that stamp expired Nov 2018. They've just been using the green card extension letter since then. Immigration officers told the OP's work that their extension expires next month (18 months after first I-551 stamp was received) since their I-551 was already a 12 month extension on the physical green card, the 18 month extension only added 6 months to it. I want to say the immigration officers are right and that the 18 month extension just added 6 months to the extension stamp, but there aren't many people on VJ that I've seen that have been using the extension paper over using the stamps in their passport.
  9. Edit: I see where the confusion is, cause I would think that it would extend the most recent stamp, but I didn't mean from the expiration date of the stamp, I meant from the issuance of the stamp since that's already an extension of your green card. I would call and make an appointment anyways to get clarification on this. Have you contacted any congressman?
  10. No they aren't sending out extension letters. You have to call to get a stamp before your extension letter expires. There are no more extension letters past the 18 month one, which was sent to everyone who had an Open ROC case. Everything after an extension letter needs to be in the form of a stamp. There are no self-scheduled appointments in Texas outside of Laredo now, so you'll have to call and explain your 18 month extension expires and that you need a stamp. Why are you believing that your extension letter doesn't expire next month? It only extends your green card or most recent I-551 stamp. It doesn't extend it another 18 months from receipt of the letter. So in this case your extension should expire this month or next month.
  11. It's happening because the fingerprint waivers were sent out in mass all within three days of each other. If you searched cases between like March 2018 and July 2018 in the USCIS app, you would find that almost EVERY case was marked as biometrics waived. You're looking at thousands and thousands of cases. Even those that weren't marked that way online, still got the letter in the mail. It isn't a coincidence that we all got our waivers in Feb. If you search cases now even around my case number WAC1819451XXX you'll still find plenty of cases marked as "Fingerprint review complete" with the dates mostly on Feb 27th-28th, and a couple in early March. They are just now going through them and seeing which ones need biometrics, RFE's, interviews, or approvals. It seems like it was a big blanket to make people believe their case had been touched since the big delays started around mid-April 2018. But yes, it's coming up more and more in the month threads for early-mid 2018.
  12. The February waivers were sent out in mass to almost everyone that was stuck in the waiting game. They are now going back and case by case and seeing if they do need new bio-metrics or not. That's why we're seeing more RFE's, Biometric Requests, and approvals. Go to your Biometrics, the websites are not always right. Not all bio places take walk-ins, but there's no harm in trying. On the old site, ( https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do ) it said our case couldn't be found until one day it said Card was being produced, next was tracking for the card that it was in the mail. The newer site ( https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ ) STILL shows that our case has been received, even though we have the 10 yr green card in hand.
  13. Uh like a week for us from getting the letter, a week and a half from status change online.
  14. That’s weird. We’ve never taken off the “for work only with DHS authorization” of whatever after my husband came in on his k-1 visa. no we didn’t have to fill that out. His status as a green card holder was never brought up. He’s also the main person on the lease. I’m considered a co-resident.
  15. This is kind of interesting. What tipped them off that there was an immigrant? Was there a question asking if you were legal in the US? or was it phrased in some way that let them know there was an immigrant living in the home? When we've done apartment things online, all we've ever had to provide was social security number and drivers license. I don't believe they ever mentioned anything about the green card or anything. Good to know, but as others said, just because it happens doesn't make it right or legal. You're legally in the country, you have a paper extending the full benefits of the green card, just because they can't understand the terminology doesn't make your extension any less valid. Take it up to their corporate offices if they are owned by a management company, and as others said, get it in writing. Contact them through e-mail instead of phone if that helps.
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