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  1. Theres a difference between transcripts and returns. Official IRS tax transcripts are enough on their own you only need the w2s if you are sending IRS form 1040 or other schedules. You either need a tax return + W2 combo OR Tax transcripts.
  2. Generally all of your proof should be from marriage on.
  3. People don’t learn from it because they’re selfish and if they hear that 75% of people get away with it, they assume that they’ll never get caught because statistics are on their side. even in a case like this, someone could just brush it off as a “well it’s fine, it worked out in the end” and take the risk. the punishment isn’t constant enough for people to fear it.
  4. Yeah, there are less than a handful of people who don't separate, and those people usually own a home in the US and work remotely.
  5. Oh wow, I did not know that! Thanks! So I guess the OP is good to go then.
  6. Yeah, I could write a statement saying that I'm a 6 foot brown skinned amazon woman and get that notarized, even though I'm a 5'3'' white girl.
  7. Well you can certainly try, but it's pretty risky. You need a valid passport to enter the US. Even if say you had your green card, you would need a valid passport and your green card, having just the I-551 or green card is not enough. I don't think the I-551 may be enough unless they just happen to not notice that the passport is expired.
  8. I'm sorry this happened to you. As mean and as bad as this may sound, the truth is USCIS doesn't really care about anyone's situations. Your house could burn down and you live in the woods and don't use the internet and USCIS would have told you to buy a firebox for your documents. Either way what you are sending looks great and should easily satisfy the RFE.
  9. Well I think if you would have sent what you are sending now, you never would have received an RFE. What you sent originally was not enough without question, statements and letters attesting to things is the lowest end of proof and should only be used as additions, not the bulk of your proof. USCIS wants to see comingled funds, leases, contracts, legal documents, etc. For the tax return, you can just write a statement that you were both unemployed at the time and were not required to file taxes for the year.
  10. Problem is, a lot of people don't see it as a crime, even though without the NOA for the AOS you're illegal after the I-94 expires. So the concept of "if a government officer sees a crime taking place, they would do their due diligence and report it" goes over their heads. It's a bad mindset that people need to get over.
  11. It may never show your case. There are two websites you can try, new and old. new: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ old: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do The old website for never updated and said not valid case number until one day it showed a new card being produced. The new website has never changed from "case received", even after receiving the green card.
  12. Plenty of people do plenty of things that may get them caught for other things and they are fine. It doesn't mean everyone will be fine. A lot of people push off AOS. A lady recently was a passenger in a car that was pulled over, she was asked for identification and proof of stay and her I-94 had expired, she was turned in and spent 5 weeks in jail and will be seeing an immigration judge. I'm sure she thought it would be fine too. All because they were waiting to adjust from K-1.
  13. When we were asked for a cosponsor for K-1, the paper said that my husband (fiance at the time) had a year to submit the documents before the application for the visa would be considered abandoned. You will need to make sure that if you want to take a year, that you keep in contact with the embassy to keep your case "alive". There have been people who just never had any communication with the embassy after the interview because they were waiting to get their 221g requested documents together, and the embassy went ahead and closed the case based on nothing going on with it.
  14. I would just go ahead and inquire and start getting the I864 forms filled out, they’re a little longer than the I-134.
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