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  1. Sadly America is the world champion in expensive insulin. And drug prices really. https://www.foxnews.com/health/utah-insurer-to-send-patients-to-mexico-for-cheap-prescription-drugs
  2. I've heard Americans go to Canada to get it as it's way cheaper up there. (only practical if you live close to the border). Maybe you can get a prescription in the U.K that covers several months right before you move and travel with that insulin, at least you are stress free for a bit and it ties you over until you find a job. (if that's against immigration regulations can an Admin delete my post?)
  3. Stumbled on this report on Twitter, here's the abstract: here's the link for the full report (click download report to read): https://www.migrationpolicy.org/research/immigration-policy-changes-two-years-trump-administration My apologies if this isn't posted where it should be.
  4. Russians have been killing terrorists in the Caucasus since the mid 90s. They still have a terrorism problem there. The Brits never eliminated the IRA by killing them either. In the case of isis crippling its means of making money is a huge part of the war effort, not just killing its foot soldiers (that are being replaced anyways) . You don't win wars by killing everyone, that's where the winning hearts and minds thing comes from. And before you go on and tell me you can't win hearts and minds of isis fighters, no you can't. However you can try to win over the populace and greatly undermine the local support they have. Anyways quoting a mysterious Israeli officer saying a badass thing has good dramatic effect. When in reality Israeli counter terrorism tactics rely on persuasion or coercion to weaken the terror groups at their borders as much as brute force when needed.
  5. Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία dēmokratía, literally "rule by people"), in modern usage, has three senses—all for a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting
  6. The conclusion of the envelope situation after talking with CBP and the embassy : with a tear that big (~5in) it would have been problematic at POE even if it wasn't possible to remove the docs through the tear.
  7. The phones were taken away by the security staff at the entry checkpoint and we got them back when leaving the embassy.
  8. Conservatives tore their clothes apart and burnt their shoes when they saw an ad with a certain former football player. Americans across the board seem fairly emotional. 2 cents from an outsider
  9. It's not possible to take the documents out through the damaged side atm, I'll take that as good news.
  10. Hello fellow VJers, We got the visa package from the embassy today in the mail however, the sealed envelop is damaged...(see attachement) We can see the docs through the damaged area. It's too late to contact the embassy today, we'll try to get in touch tomorrow and ask them what to do, we'd love to know if anyone had similar experiences and how it turned out in the end
  11. Hello fellow VJers, The IR1 was approved (waiting for it in the mail now) . I'm wondering if it's legal to look for jobs before entering the U.S. as the visa is not stamped I'm not authorized to work there yet right? If feel like I'm disqualified for what's posted on job boards (due to the automated questionnaire style applications) and I don't intend on bending the truth saying I don't need sponsorship when in fact the visa is not stamped yet. Are my concerns baseless? Any tips for pre POE job search? Thanks!
  12. Yes I spent a couple hours re-reading it all after work yesterday. We have asked our joint sponsor if they could fill the I864a as well. Thanks for your answers guys!
  13. Hey fellow journeyers, Our co sponsor is married but makes above 125% of the poverty line with her own income. Does she still need to have her husband fill a I864 too? Also does she includes her kids and husband as dependents in the form? (Kids are really young and husband is employed) We are all a bit confused now, sorry if those are rookie questions
  14. As per the GOP website: Not sure cheating on your spouse makes your family flourish but what do I know. I think the story is a bit inflated, if he cheated on his wife it's him and Melania's issue. Cheating is douchey but doesn't make him an unfit president (plenty of past examples). As a new comer to American politics it's funny in a twisted way to see conservatives (self proclaimed family values guys) get embroiled in cheating affairs like Trump or Greitens. Trump will sail smoothly out of that soon (if his staff can contain a potential tweet out burst haha)
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