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  1. We sent a screenshot from messenger for each month of the relationship.
  2. I don't understand that reasoning. Bunch of natural born US citizens that are not willing to serve and nobody asks them why they're here...
  3. Had the same issue, we called the embassy and they told us to come back to have the package resealed.
  4. Picking up a hobby helps, for exemple I recently found used golf clubs at Goodwill for really cheap and the golf course close to ours has free putting and chipping practice areas, it gets me out of the house and gives me something not too serious to be obsessed about which helps while the job search is on going.
  5. Sadly America is the world champion in expensive insulin. And drug prices really. https://www.foxnews.com/health/utah-insurer-to-send-patients-to-mexico-for-cheap-prescription-drugs
  6. I've heard Americans go to Canada to get it as it's way cheaper up there. (only practical if you live close to the border). Maybe you can get a prescription in the U.K that covers several months right before you move and travel with that insulin, at least you are stress free for a bit and it ties you over until you find a job. (if that's against immigration regulations can an Admin delete my post?)
  7. Stumbled on this report on Twitter, here's the abstract: here's the link for the full report (click download report to read): https://www.migrationpolicy.org/research/immigration-policy-changes-two-years-trump-administration My apologies if this isn't posted where it should be.
  8. Hello fellow VJers, The IR1 was approved (waiting for it in the mail now) . I'm wondering if it's legal to look for jobs before entering the U.S. as the visa is not stamped I'm not authorized to work there yet right? If feel like I'm disqualified for what's posted on job boards (due to the automated questionnaire style applications) and I don't intend on bending the truth saying I don't need sponsorship when in fact the visa is not stamped yet. Are my concerns baseless? Any tips for pre POE job search? Thanks!
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