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  1. if she was in a country at least 6 months then she needs a police clearance from that country . sounds like a civil dispute , so if you're lucky the police clearance won't have it listed as a criminal matter , or even if it does the c.o. might consider that there is no equivalent crime in the united states and just look at it as a civil matter . the issue of the visa overstay , and the fact that oman is a muslim country are complications that may require extensive administrative processing . but it still sounds workable . good luck .
  2. basically , as others have said , there is a checklist of forms , documents and evidence to submit that can be found for free on the internet . a lawyer would take your money and give you that same checklist . every step in the process is objective , straight forward and predictable until you get to the interview . the interview is subjective , less predictable and unappealable by a lawyer . without a lawyer the odds are high in your favor , with a lawyer the odds are high in your favor . but i'm not aware of any stats that they are any higher one way or the other .
  3. I printed out a lot of WhatsApp chat logs for my fiancée to take to the interview , but the c.o. gave those back and kept only pictures and moneygram receipts as proof of relationship .
  4. reportedly the visa process at the consulate level isn't "directly" affected because it is funded by our fees which have already been paid . but i suspect that admin processing may be indirectly affected if it involves coordination with other agencies that may be shut down or have furloughed staff . i think its safe to say that it isn't making anything go faster .
  5. you should do # 2 . but the good news is that if you passed all the security checks and proof of relationship to pass the visa process the first time , you should pass it again after you withdraw this petition and apply again . maybe be more patient next time ...
  6. calm down . she was only describing the guy's appearance and age so the next person on here that goes thru that consulate knows who to be extra careful with .
  7. yes, we got a white 221g like yours, except they did not check the top box for administrative processing . they wrote in on the bottom line a document to send in , along with her passport . we sent that in the next day (july 25). they kept her birth certificate, our pictures and other evidence of relationship . i was outside the embassy during the interview but they wouldnt let me in . she said the interview went ok, although there was some focus on my previous marriage (also to a haitian) , and some other things . of course every case is unique, but i'm trying to isolate the AP time length factor and how that relates to the eventual outcome .
  8. you may be right , but perhaps if we see some actual numbers and results , a pattern may emerge ...
  9. I know from reading these other posts that administrative processing after the consulate interview is a blind spot and no one knows what's going on except to wait it out , but I was wondering if the length of the processing time might be a clue . What is the longest someone has been in AP and been ultimately approved ( or denied) ? We're at nearly 3 months now , and i'm trying to gauge if the passing of more time is a good or bad sign .
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