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  1. In my case thats all they need...all listed on the appointment letter, tax and bank statements.
  2. Good Luck @Iamornext !!! btw the important document you need to bring is your latest income tax return 2019 and if ever you owe irs you need to present receipt that you already paid them. Thanks!
  3. @Iamornext you just need to answer no or yes to the questions in n400 part 12 Additional Information about you. from 6-50.
  4. I went to my interview appointment today at Federal Building Downtown LA, room 6024. My apt scheduled for 10:15am, got there around 9:03, So I waited at the lobby because its too early. And then i went upstairs around 9:35am. I checkin at the counter and sat and I think the waiting time is more or less an hour before my name was called. First i was asked 6 questions got all 6 correct What is an amendment? What is the supreme law of the land? Whats stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful? Who was the first President? What month do we vote for president When must all men register for selective service I had to read in English the sentence “Who elects Congress?” I had to write on the iPad “The people elect Congress” We then went through and verified all my information on the application. You have to answer a lot of questions. But there’s no vocabulary questions like define some words stuff like that...😇 then she said I passed and she was recommending me for approval!!! 😃
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