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  1. Wow look at that! 😄 No more frustration for you, congrats!! 🎉 🥳
  2. I’m wondering – on your case status online on the USCIS website a lot of you have the message that says “we received your case and you don’t need to do anything at this time.” Has any of you that has this message received your NOA or biometric yet? My case status says “we received your case and sent you the receipt notice” but I haven’t received anything, does anyone else have this message too and hasn’t received their notice? I’m wondering if this message even makes a difference. 🤔😩
  3. My case is also WAC. Still waiting 😪
  4. When I got hired for my new job they sent an email with a link to documents that are acceptable to bring for them to e-verify. Click on the links that say List A/List B/List C : https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/acceptable-documents
  5. WAC case here 🙋🏻‍♀️ I haven’t gotten anything other than a text last week saying “we’re still reviewing your case.” I’m getting more anxious as I’m switching jobs on March 14 and my gc expires March 10. 😩
  6. There are two addresses, it depends on whether you send through USPS or FedEx/UPS. You can find this on the uscis website: https://www.uscis.gov/i-751
  7. Oh look I guess everyone got the email lol. I’m freaking out y’all!
  8. Did anyone get a text and/or email? I got this text today: USCIS Message: We are still reviewing your case. We will notify you when your status changes. So I immediately went to check my email and got this: Dear USCIS account holder, Due to a recent email outage, we were unable to send notices about case updates. We have fixed the problem, but to ensure you have the latest information on your case status, please log into your USCIS online account. So I went and checked my case on their website but there’s no update there, still says “your case was received and we sent you the receipt notice.” Ughhhh this is killing me! 😩 And I also start a new job in March 14 and my GC expires March 10. 😭
  9. If you included the form to get text notifications with your ROC form then you should get a text soon.
  10. I finally had an update today from moneygram that my money order was cashed on the 18th. 💃 Quick timeline: - File sent on Jan 11. - Delivered on Jan 14. - Case received by USCIS Jan 16 (as per USCIS site). - Got the “case received” text on Jan 17, (case # starting with WAC). - Money order cashed Jan 18. Now just hoping for no RFE. 😰
  11. Yes we did send it priority. You can check online to track the package, that’s the only way we know it was delivered. We haven’t received the confirmation in the mail either, it takes about a week so we probably will get that this week.
  12. Hey y’all, I sent my file last Friday January 11 through USPS and was delivered on Monday January 14. My window opened on Dec. 10 but I procrastinate too much. 😅 I got a text today (Jan/17) saying my case was received. I added my case on the USCIS website and it says they received it yesterday January 16. So now we wait. Like some of you mentioned I also feel less worried this time around, but since getting the text and knowing they now have my file on their hands I’ve started overthinking and I feel like I could’ve added a couple more detailed explanations about certain parts of my paperwork, but mainly I’m just hoping I filled out the form correctly lol since we didn’t use an attorney this time. Best of luck to you all! 🥳
  13. Ok you guys I think I messed up. I wrote my money order payable to US Department of Homeland Security, but since the name is too long, there’s not enough space on the “pay to” box and so I continued on the next line below where the purchaser is supposed to sign. Can I still send it like that? For my AOS I didn’t sign my name on that line so does it matter that I wrote there? I’m about to send my packet! 😭
  14. Oh ok thank you! I see everyone talk about their I551 stamp that I freaked out for a moment. 🙈
  15. Our window opens on Dec. 10 and I’m just starting to gather my documents. I got a letter from uscis as a reminder which I didn’t think they would do. Quick question though, it says I must submit a copy of the front and back of my I551 stamp but I don’t have one, is that an issue? Should I have gotten one at some point? I don’t see why but I’m wondering. Or does that just mean copy of my green card? I’m confused lol.