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  1. Okay, so now I'm confused. My husband already got his biometrics appointment last month and got his fingerprints done on February 20th....and we just got a letter in the mail today for a biometrics appointment AGAIN on March 21. Why twice? I tried calling USCIS but they only work Monday-Friday. 😩
  2. Awww, but at least the lady understood what you actually need. Hopefully it doesn't take too long. Better late than never 😌 you'll have it in your hands soon enough 🀞
  3. We filed e-requests around the same time, hopefully you get your NOA any day now 🀞
  4. Yup, my husband's NOA letter did come in the mail today πŸ€— and now the real waiting game begins
  5. It looks like my husbands extension letter is arriving today. Better late than never right? I'm assuming that's what it is because I can see through the envelope window it says page 1 of 2, and plus he already did his biometrics. (Acceptance was Jan 15, and I had submitted 2 e-requests for the letter without a response). Fingers crossed 🀞🀞 so be patient everyone yours will come too....eventually
  6. What did you press when you requested? Maybe you're requesting the wrong one?
  7. I'm not sure. I think we were suppose to get NOA before biometrics but it was just never mailed. But after is fine too, just as long as we get the NOA πŸ˜€ Good luck!!
  8. Oh so your "30 days" is about to be up and you'll be able to submit the e-request. Maybe start with that and hopefully they mail it soon. I'm doing the same. And if anything you can always get the stamp later on if they make no movement with the e-request.
  9. If you filed early/mid January it seems like the NOA letter was just never mailed out (due to government shutdown). When is your gc expiring? I'm under the impression that they won't stamp until its expiring, and when they stamp its only valid for 6 months. You should submit a e-request for never receiving your NOA.
  10. Our package was received on January 15 and we've had that message for a while. I think our NOA was never sent, so I'll be submitting an e-request when 30 days is up. BUT, we got the biometrics letter today dated a few days ago and my husband's appointment is February 20.
  11. My husband's gc expires on April 7. So he has time, but it would be nice to have the extension letter in hand. When does yours expire?
  12. True, at least we're not alone in this. It sucks for all of us equally 😌 We'll just have to do the e-request right when the 30 days is up. Hopefully they handle the request quickly 🀞 Ours doesn't work on the old site either.
  13. See they probably never mailed our extension letter since we're early-ish January like someone mentioned here.
  14. I'll do an e-request too when the 30 days is up. Hopefully all is well, especially since it's moving along with the biometrics at least. Good luck! What does your case number start with? Ours is EAC and we're filing from NYC.
  15. On January 15th. Online it just says the typical received and that we don't have to do anything. But it also says that something was mailed and we didn't get anything dated around then so idk. First time we received something was today. Idk if I missed something else? Never received the extension letter. 😌 But biometrics is still a good sign.