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  1. Thanks, But I did not understand " according to your chart you on spend three or months in usa from jan 2016 to aug 2017 " ?? By exact travel dates arrival and departure I have not cross 6 months stay from outside USA! this is for sure. Please determine again?
  2. Can you please define one more time required physical presence in the USA ratio to naturalize?
  3. Thank you so much for your quick reply! Not sure what "have yo complete 5 year of Green Card" means. In my case 5 year rule apply For your expert Opinion let me give you my Travel Dates starting from Jan 01 2016 Now Question is Year 2016 and 2017 will count?? if yes when should window will open for apply N400? Thanks
  4. I have got green card in Jan 2016, I left back USA in Feb 2016 than I again came in Aug 2016 (before six month), is 2016 count in my citizenship filing,? I have yo complete 5 year of Green Card! Thanks in advance!
  5. Dear All, We have applied status of change from visit visa B2 to GC (family based) two years back for my Mom, we have filed following forms; 1 - I 485 (with fees) 2 - I 360 (with fees) 3 - I 755 (with out fees) 4 - I 131 (with out fees) We received biomatric and we also received EAD last year, now this EAD is going to expire in June 2019 and we again apply for EAD (with out fees), any idea when we will get ?? Thanks
  6. We applied for my mom for adjustment of status, we are living in Houston, my mom is sick and we have not health insurance, we are think for Obama Care but recently we show there is a change in Public Charge definition. We have few question/request for advice! Is Obama care subsidy fall under public charge? Any idea how we can get health insurance in cheap price? Thanks
  7. Actually we have applied adjustment status for my mother in June 2017 but still nothing, although we have done bio in almost year.
  8. Thank you, but designated has already been expairy as per law, once it is in federal register there are 90 days for public comment.
  9. experiencing extremely? we applied for my mother in June 2017 and done bio but still waiting for interview call!
  10. Have any body know this proposed public charge (enhance) definition is approved or not?
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