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  1. Hello folks, just want to say thanks for all the support. I had my Oath Ceremony today in Detroit District Court and my journey is finally done
  2. Had my Oath Ceremony today Yay!!! So glad this journey is done for me.
  3. Received my Oath Ceremony Notice!!! May 16th, it's coming up sooner than I thought!
  4. I just received my Oath Ceremony notice and it will be on May 16th
  5. It was for sure! I am just so glad it's done now. Best of luck to you and everything will work out eventually!
  6. I had my combo interview (only received Notice for N400) and was approved for both. Which office was this?
  7. Hi guys, I posted my combo interview experience in a different thread. Hopefully it helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
  8. I posted my combo interview experience (finally).
  9. I had combo interview last Wednesday for both i751 and N400 in Detroit. MI. I want to share my experience with you guys. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. So, a little bit of background, I applied for i751 (ROC) in January 2018 and had received two extension letters so far without other updates (one for 12-month and one for 18-month). The case status of my i751 says "case was received". I was a little bit inpatient about it and decided to apply for N400 (Naturalization) the second I became qualified to. (I have included my detailed timeline below in my signature in case you wonder) Civics and English test I showed up for my N400 interview by myself and my appointment was scheduled at 8:30am. I got there around 8:20am, went through security, checked-in. The lady who checked me in at the front desk gave me a number and asked me to go inside and wait at Section 1. I was called (by the number) the second I walked in and there was this young guy who took and scanned my appointment letter, he's nice and chatty, he took my picture and did my finger prints. He then asked me to wait at Section 2 and said someone will call me by number again. I was called again the second I sat down (super fast!) and the lady at the window said she will go through the civics test and English test with me. First though, she said me to stand and take oath. I don't remember all the questions but I feel like it was less than 10 questions (the capital of US/the capital city of Michigan/what is an amendment), I believe I had only 6 questions but again that's all you need to pass. She was typing away as I told her the answers and I was done and passed within 3 mins. She instructed me to sit at Section 3 and told me someone will come get me and call me by my name. I checked the time and it was only 8:28am. Interview It took about 10 mins before someone called my name. Before inviting me into the office area, the IO looked at me and asked me why I am not with my spouse. I told him I am here for the N400 interview and the letter didn't ask for spouse presence for the interview. He looked down at his clipboard and said "well, we might have a problem here then". He hesitated for a second and invited me into the office and told me he would explain everything. I was really nervous and thought he would send me home on the spot. Once we were in the office, he asked me to take a seat and told me that the record shows that my i751 (ROC) is still pending and technically he couldn't do the N400 interview with me until my ROC application is approved. He said he is going to check with his supervisor and asked me to wait in the room. It was the longest 10-15 mins in my life and the entire time I was thinking if I should try to call my husband in the office and ask him to come over. The IO came back and told me he has to conduct a combo interview today and if he were to approve the ROC application/interview, he then would conduct the N-400 interview. The interview process itself was really easy, the IO had all the documents and application forms we sent over over the years, he went through them and verified some of the information with me. He updated our address (we moved last year) and took a copy of our son's birth certificate (we had a baby last year as well!). Asked me to verify the changes he made. He then went through all the yes/no questions with me and asked me if I married my husband for love or green card. He gave me a piece of paper and asked me to read out loud, it was the oath and he told me this is the oath I would take at the Oath Ceremony. He asked me if I have any questions or objection to the oath, I told him no and he congratulated me. He told me he couldn't approve the N-400 on the spot yet, simply because he would have to go back and approve ROC application first.The IO said there are some paperwork he needs to deal with first but I should get the Oath Ceremony notice in mail in less than 30 days and gave me a sheet with the court location where the Oath would take place and the passport agency address. I got out of the building in less than 2 hours, it was not too bad of experience. I just wish the ROC wasn't such a pain! I received a notification yesterday (4/30) that my N-400 was approved and they will mail me the Oath Ceremony notice.
  10. Had my combo interview last Wednesday and got both approved (i751 & N400). Below is my case history for ROC.
  11. I believe questions will be different. I’ve only had 6 questions instead of 10 but I guess that’s all you need to pass. It’s pass or fail system so no bonus points 🤗 my questions were (I can only recall 5 out of the 6 she asked) what’s the capital city of US? what’s the capital city of Michigan? who makes federal laws? what is an amendment? when was the constitution written? I would recommend going through the practice questions online at https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/educators/educational-products/100-civics-questions-and-answers-mp3-audio-english-version they will NOT ask questions outside those 100 questions listed. Also: Bear in mind that it is NOT multiple choices questions, you will have to remember the answers. Hope it helps! Best of luck!!!
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