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  1. Thank you. It will be held at the Jaguars game on Dec 29.😊
  2. Had my interview this morning, approved on the spot and received my oath letter before I left the office. Oath scheduled for the end of this month.
  3. I had my interview this morning. It was scheduled for 7.55am this morning. We arrived early and sat in the car a little bit then went it and got checked in at 7.34am. Numbers were being called that were assigned after mine and each interviewer that came out I somehow thought they would call my name or number. About 8.05am, a gentleman came and called my number. My husband, daughter and I got up and walked towards him. He respectfully told my husband that he would not be allowed in the room. Lol. Upon entering the room, he told me to put my bag and folder on a chair and put me under oath. He then asked for my appt letter, gc and passport. We chatted a little then he asked me the following questions: What is the name of the VP? What is the capital of the United States? What age should men register for selective service? What is the name of the national anthem? Who is my us representative? What is one reason Colonist came to America? He asked me to read Who lives in the White House and asked me to write the President lives in the White House. We then went through the form. He asked me the 50 yes/no questions had me sign the tablet twice. He then asked if I would be available for the oath on Sunday Dec 29. I said "yes, of course" then we chatted some more. He made me very comfortable during my interview. We spoke about children, culture and anything else that came up. He did not request any additional details from me even though I brought a huge folder bursting at the seams with evidence. He clearly went through my file based on certain things he mentioned regarding taxes and properties owned together. I was in his office for about 45/50 mins. The officer was great and seems to really enjoy his job. I enjoyed the interview.😊
  4. You can pay via credit card online. That's how I paid for mine. It was quick, simple and easy.
  5. Bring your baby to the interview...When we brought our baby girl to the interview our IO said "oh, you brought your evidence?!" and we all laughed.
  6. Yes. I thought I was going to give my right 4 but he said no, he only needed the index based on what was on the computer in front of him. He waited a second or two then the system requested my middle finger and that was it. He then took my photo and asked for my signature. And, that wast it! Hope that helps.
  7. Only my right index finger and middle finger were taken. The officer told me that the system told him which finger prints he needed. I think it was just to confirm that your fingerprints are in the system for the background check to be performed.
  8. Just got a message to say my interview has been scheduled. I checked this morning and my estimated wait time was 3 months. I am excited...
  9. That's my estimated completion time too. I filed in August tho. Where is your field office? Wow. That's a lucky man! Better hang on to him...🤣
  10. Wow, that was quick. Congrats! I am wondering if there is a slow down. I filed August 19 and still have not heard anything yet. Sigh
  11. Are you a Jacksonville filer? When did you apply? Just trying to see when my interview will be scheduled. 😊
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