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  1. Now we understand thank you very much. I hope my uncle sponsoring me and joining with my fiancee is going to end in our favour. Thanks everyone and God bless y'all. If we have more questions this is a good place to come and ask. Thanks again!
  2. Oh, ok thank you very much. We will read more and try to figure things out we hope.
  3. So you're telling us if our relationship is true and I-129F passes we don't have a single reason to be worried ? We just needed someone to confirm us that.
  4. I'm sorry for asking but let's juay say it like this. She makes like 16k a year, lives with her parents right now and goes to college. If my uncle sponsors too and give us a house to stay in. Should we be worried about that or should we be fine? That is the only doubt we have and don't understand.
  5. He is an US citizen. I'm asking because my girlfriend is not working for any company. She is going in to the college and working as a singer for couple of churches and doesn't get paid much. We asked her dad and he said he will only do it if everything else fails. My uncle would love to help me and has the means to do it.
  6. Hello, how's everyone? So, I have one question for now. I'm madly in love, stressed and so is my future wife. We've been together for 5 years, saw each other couple of times. How time was passing by we made a choice to get married. We want to start our process to get K1 visa. There is only one thing I have to ask people on this forum. I'm a foreigner who has an uncle in the USA. Is he going to be able to sponsor our visa? Thank you for reading and hopefully giving an answer.
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