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  1. 1. Varies 2. Yes, if she has more than one get added to those too. The older the cards the better, as it will affect your average age of credit. I’ve only been in the US for 5 years, but have a 10 year old card on my report which helps a lot 3. I’ve never been asked for this, just name, address and SS # Side note, if you had an Amex in your home country, you can use their global transfer service to open an account in the US and they will take into account your history with them
  2. @JFH - OP stated it’s the beneficiary that’s unemployed
  3. The letter is generic, and the same for everyone I believe. At my interview they looked at the stuff specifically mentioned on the letter, and then asked if there was anything else I wanted to add - which is when I gave them bank statements, most recent tax return etc
  4. No, it wouldn’t make a difference. They will automatically gain citizenship - you simply apply for their passports using your naturalization certificate
  5. I would say online, just because it’s almost impossible to mess it up or miss anything
  6. You’ll be fine - people get divorced all the time, and like you said you have evidence of a legit marriage
  7. I took mine to the interview to be safe - they didn’t look at it. I believe it’s not needed as it would already be on file from your original visa application process
  8. I believe you will be denied. Was it after midnight in your time-zone? If I remember correctly, the person in the above thread was only able to get the denial changed because they did file after midnight in their time-zone, so technically didn’t file early.
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