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  1. You became eligible on 2/8/19, assuming you’ve met the residency requirements
  2. I filed on the first day of the 90 day window before 3 years. I attached tax return transcripts, apartment leases, joint bank statements, anything else joint like insurance etc, marriage certificate, wife’s passport, green card etc...pretty similar to what I sent for i751 really. It’s fine if the i751 hasn’t been approved (mine hasn’t)
  3. Get married now and adjust status (assuming she can support you financially for the time being)
  4. Surely they can get certified copies of their birth certificates
  5. Yeah I’m bringing old and new, but still not sure how that could add up to 4 large folders lol. (Unless people are including *every* bank statement, or actual full tax returns etc, I guess) My whole thing will probably be in 2 thin folders (it would probably fit in 1 but using 2 to separate the old and new)
  6. Question for people who’ve had interview at Santa Ana...can you take your phone etc or is it super secure like at an embassy where you can’t have electronics?
  7. Depends on the state I think - here in California for example, the address doesn’t get updated on the card until you renew. The address on my wife’s card is 3 addresses ago lol, and mine is our last previous address. The records at the DMV are updated though, but my license won’t reflect my new address until I renew next year. It’s completely normal and not a red flag.
  8. Only benefit I could see from submitting drivers licenses could be to show you both have the same address on them. Mine and my wife’s have different addresses on though lol
  9. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks at my interview haha. I didn’t submit w2’s for ROC or N400
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