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  1. If i can resurrect this... I now have the documents back from the Nevada SS. In talking to the folks at Visarite they are telling me I do NOT need to send to DC since this is the California jurisdiction. Now I would love to avoid paying Visarite $109 for their service fee, but am I correct that since I cannot travel to Cali myself I need to use a service?
  2. That's not what the visarite people or Nevada SOS office told me. This is beyond confusing. Every single person I talk to tells me something different and I do not know what to do. I certainly cannot afford to fly to California! Next week and the week after I will be in the NYC. It would be very easy for me to go the Chinese consulate in NYC or drive to DC.
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. Yesterday afternoon i mailed the marriage cert to the SOS office in nevada. I was able to get a person on the phone to help. Too about 40 minutes. I added rush service so that they can get it to me before the end of next week. I can then go to the DC embassy. I want to do this on my own rather than pay a company like visarite all that money to do it. I just hope the embassy doesn't tell me they want a newer copy. The turnaround time would be impossible to meet. We were married last Nov and I had two copies of the marriage cert made at that time.
  4. Wow, I wish I could edit posts. I am sorry about having to post again.... More information i have found: I spoke to the visarite.com people and they said I need my marriage cert to be sent to the Nevada Secretary of State for "authentication of marriage certificate in China" but the issue is Googling this only returns results regarding "apostille" which is not valid in China. As I type this I am trying to navigate the Secretary of State phone menus, but holy cow, it's a muddy mess.
  5. Added info... I see the China Portal, but I do not see how to actually post in it. Also, I think maybe what I need is for our marriage certificate to be authenticated. I found this page here from a Visa service... http://www.visarite.com/authentication_marriage_certificate.htm Maybe this is what the lady in Kunming was talking about. ??? I tried calleding the Embassy and it's been busy busy busy. I suppose I can try again tomorrow morning.
  6. Gang, we are getting hung up on semantics. I can only repeat what I was told while in Kunming, by someone who's English wasn't very good. Obviously things get lost in translation. What she did make clear was that I had to go to the U.S. Embassy and bring my "paperwork" with me. What paperwork? She didn't know and told me to call the Embassy. i did and unfortunately their English was terrible, lol! I couldn't make them understand. What do you mean by China Portal? I thought I was in the China section? Going to the Embassy in Beijing is something I'd like to avoid, simply because of the great expense involved. Roundtrip airfare, hotel, etc. will add up and the expense of flying to Kunming in October is enough, plus we have to fly to Shanghai for a wedding! Oh brother, we are paying a fortune in airline fees this year.
  7. Marriage here is not valid in China until proven IN China. I will not be able to get a waiver on my visa until this is taken care of. But trying to understand how is the problem. I need clarification or answers from someone who is 100% certain of the facts.
  8. We need to prove out marriage in China. Otherwise it doesn't exist. But I am unsure of how to go about doing this.
  9. Hi all, I have searched but must be using the wrong search terms. My longtime girlfriend and I were married in Las Vegas last October. We had each been going back and forth and while visiting family in Vegas just knew and we went and did it. I am going to move to China in October (we will stay there for 3 years and then go to the states for her son to attend high school) and we will need to be married in China. I have a 10 year visa, but I have to leave every 90 days, a royal PITA (not to mention it's expensive). So we want to get married IN China so that I can get a different visa or resident permit. I can drive to the Chinese embassy in DC next week but I am not sure what i need to do or what I should ask for,. I would appreciate some advise. My wife is a Chinese citizen. I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised here. We will live in Kunming. Thank you!