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  1. Hi All ! I created this group for ppl who filed on April, May, June 2019 at Atlanta local office so we can discuss or share our information here. I filed my N400 by papper and submitted on 8 May 2019 The biometric appt on 5 June 2019
  2. Hello All. I created this group for who filed N400 on May 2019 so we can discuss and share our information here. I filed by paper and submit on May 10"2019 Biometric appt on June 5"2019
  3. Yeah. Finally I got my card in hands, finish my long journey ( 16 months ) and I will send my N400 package today. Get to my goal closer. Good Luck everybody. Note : My card show on expiration date is 2029 which mean 13 year from the date I get my 2 years gc - dose anyone the same ?
  4. First thing Im so sorry for your situation. You wont have any trouble with your N400 bc you and he were married in a good faith I believe so and you are already got 10 years gc. Just 1 thing you can not file your N400 on 3 year rule, you have to wait to 5 year rule ( 90 days early to file ) and keep all documents in your relationship which to prove you have a good faith in marriage when you go to the interview test. Good luck πŸ€
  5. When I got this letter my stt was still showing " New card is being produced " on last Sat. Today it changed to " Card was mailed to me".
  6. All of those are enough. Mine is almost the same yours, your documents alittle bit more than me though. Im sure your will get approved soon. After I send my RFE I got approved in 15 days. Good luck πŸ€
  7. Im just received my approval notice today. I hope my card will be in my mail box after 2-3 days. God bless all you guys who are still waiting for this !
  8. Thank you for let me know. I read your previous comment and knew you got approved stt on 4/26 which mean you get your card in hand on 4/30 ? And did your stt change to " Card was mailed to me or card was delivered to me " ?
  9. I have a question. How long will you get your card on hands since your stt show " New card is being produced " ? I have a vacation to Canada on next Thursday, it's mean 1 week from now , I can go with no problem but I want to get it before I go. Thks !
  10. Hi πŸ‘‹ everyone. I were here and followed this group every day for a long time and after I knew the USCIS want me to send more RFE to prove my relationship with my spouse i were upset and down but our relationship is true so I tried all my best to get everything they want me to send and return RFE as fast as possible because it's been a long time since I sent my package on Jan 02' 18. And today I get the notification on my phone then I go in to check it. Thanks God a lot ! My case get approved on today🀧. Exactly 16 months on the road. * A little tip : my RFE documents .The last 3 years of tax joining file ( tax return form which I downloaded from IRS website) .Join of Life - detal insurances .24 month of joint checking account statements .3 letter of our friends who knew our relationship and notary .The letter explain why my spouse didn't put me on the leasing because we were plan to buy a house after we married but something happened so we waited for affordable time. We might do it this year. . 20 our pictures when we went place and restaurant together. * Received RFE on April 8 - sent out on April 15 - USCIS get it after 2 days and show on my status on April 22. Approved on May 1. * I have not apply N400 which I will after I get my 10 year green card on πŸ–. God bless all you guys who are still waiting for this processing 😎
  11. 😲 you are very close to my case. Congrats 🎊 Hope I will heart some good news soonπŸ™πŸΌ
  12. Hi everyone ! Today I looked at the number around mine and alot cases get approved on 3/25 and 3/26. Have 3 or 4 cases on the row get approved. I hope I will see my case get there soon. Good luck everyone especially EAC filler 😎 seem like our turn now πŸ˜…
  13. Everytime when I saw ppl who get approved is always from CSC 🀧 VSC playing waiting game.....😭
  14. I saw another case too and it is around mine πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  15. Nope ! 4/9/18 my case received at my local office until now πŸ™„. where did you filed CSC or VSC ?
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