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  1. The date of the news was July 2018. That’s why we got 18 month letter besides the 12 mths letter
  2. Feel like they are taking a long time. At first, I thought VSC should be faster than CSC..lol I submitted on Apr 30, but they said online submitted May 22, 2019.
  3. So how long in total did it take you to wait? Does it less, equal or more than 18 months?
  4. Why does everyone have receipt number starting with WAC? Mine starts with EAC......is that weird? Should I be worried, I did not receive any message about case transfer whatsoever
  5. Mine was like that for almost a year..lol..heard on this post that people from Jan, Feb 17 are getting approved.
  6. It’s not applicable for ROC application. I submited that form, they just threw it away. Luckily, they didnt send my package back just because of one form.
  7. Hi guys, I read on the uscis website, they said that "Application for Naturalization may not be APPROVED if the removal of condition is still pending". By "Approved", do they mean they are going to ACCEPT our application and leave it at pending until they approve the petition of removal condition? Or they will refuse our application at the first place? It's quite confusing or am I thinking too much? lol Any idea, guys? Thanks :)
  8. Hi guys, Today I got another letter from USCIS saying that they MIGHT sent an extension letter with WRONG information, they asked me to check again and if it's wrong, send it back to them, otherwise just dis-regard it. I wonder if anyone got an extension letter from wrong info. If so, which info could have been wrong? I checked mine and nothing looked wrong besides the fact that they put my name on both petitioner's name and petition's name. Thanks
  9. But I heard that we cannot provide RFE anymore, they can’t just fail our application without request for any more information. With this be a risk?
  10. Yeah, my friend too. I dunno, maybe I’ll just file when the time comes. All they can do is rejecting it..lol
  11. Dont we need to have a 10 year green card first? Some people said dont need, some people said we must have a green card before applying for the citizenship. Im so confused.
  12. Hi guys, Today I went to my biometric appointment, and Dmv to renew my driver license. Everything went well, The only documents they need at the DMV are your green card and I – 797. Now is the waiting time. just want to give you guys a few updates. Thanks
  13. So which documents do they require at the DMV? Do I "have to" have the info pass stamp on my passport in order to renew my driver license? or can I just give them the I-797? I am going there next week to renew my driver license and I'm so confused.
  14. Hi guys, I got my biometric appointment letter today. Will be on 6/28 I filed 4/30 VSC. Please update.. Thanks
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